24 Hilarious Stag-do Costume Ideas

February 28, 2023

24 Hilarious Stag-do Costume Ideas - Fancydress.com

If you’re planning a stag-do and are looking for funny fancy dress either to embarrass the stag or dress the whole crew up, you’ve came to the right place! We’ve assembled some of the most embarrassing costumes you’ll find online and some cool group fancy dress ideas for squads of all sizes.

Whether you’re jetting off for a bar crawl in Budapest or have a lively night out planned in your hometown, dressing up in true stag fashion cannot be ignored! The groom may not be a fan, but this is your final chance to send him out in true style. Browse all of our stag-do fancy dress ideas below


Fancy dress ideas to embarrass your stag

Payback time for someone that truly deserves it; don’t hold back with a solo stag costume! Go as cringeworthy and embarrassing as you wish! For ultimate embarrassment, pick a costume that still shows the stag’s face so he can’t hide.


1. Mankini

If your friend is the type that doesn’t like to show off skin, unleash their body to the city with one of many styles of Mankini. Originally made famous by the Borat movie, these bold statement swimsuits leave nothing to the imagination and will generate a lot of attention in the bar; good or bad.


2. Drag Queen

Go all out with high heels and make-up, dressing your stag as a glamorous drag queen, parading around the city centre and attracting plenty of whistles. It’s an event that he’ll never forget! Be careful though, they might enjoy dressing up in drag a little too much…


3. Big Baby

Is your buddy a big baby? Dress him to suit with a giant baby costume. He’ll hate the fact you’re playing on his misfortune and will look undeniably stupid parading through the streets of Prague. He’s going to hate you for it but at least you’ll all get plenty of laughs out of it, right?


4. The Saucy Sailor

Another popular choice for the grumpy groom is to paint over that frown with lipstick and transform him into a sailor girl, complete with a pigtail, stockings and all the accessories you can ‘borrow’ from your girlfriend.


5. Big Will

Want the stag to stand out like…well…a giant penis? Dress him as one! These stag-do costumes come in all shapes and sizes, and they inflate so all you can see is his little face whilst he waddles along the streets.


6. Extra Protection

Make sure the groom survives the night without having an ‘accident’ by dressing him in giant rubber contraception, designed to ‘protect’ him from any shenanigans of the evening. He’ll look and feel stupid, but all the more laughs for you guys, right?


7. Bubble Wrap

If you want something extremely cheap, tacky and outright ridiculous, a plain bubble wrap costume will definitely do the trick. There’s no way the stag will get into trouble flirting with a bartender with this one. Embarrass the life out of him with this unique stag do outfit!


8.Giant Boob

Completely ridiculous and fitting for a friend that’s a massive t**, giving your mate a makeover as a giant breast is certainly an idea to make them stand out from the crowd. From go-karting and paintballing to a bar crawl, all stag-do activities will be a barrel of laughs with this stag-do costume favourite.


9.Toilet Buddy

Demeaning and very silly for any husband-to-be to wear, bathroom inspired fancy dress will put him in deep ****. It’s a unique idea that not many people will think about and it’ll have your groom facepalming with embarrassment. Toilet paper anyone?


10. Miss World

From behind, he’ll look like a beautiful catwalk glamour model, but turning around, he’ll be an unsuspecting shock to anyone! Transforming your stag into a Miss World model is hilarious for any stag activity or night out. Go all-out with plenty of makeup and a wig for the ultimate stag-do costume.


11. Cheerleader

Pass your stag the pom pom’s and get them waving their arms and shaking their hips in a short skirt and pigtails. Cheerleaders turn up the energy in any room but will your friend do the same? Very doubtful, but at least it’ll generate plenty of chuckles and embarrassment for him.


12. Ladyboy

A somewhat saucy and rude but entertaining idea nonetheless, is to evolve your stag into a lady boy. It may be contentious but it’s a popular idea that will go down a storm! Laugh at your mates’ expense as he unintentionally offends random passers-by.


13. Gimp Suit

This is a stag-do costume that every pre-married man has nightmares of when he’s about to embark on his last night of freedom. Nothing is more humiliating and scarier than wearing a gimp suit in public and he’ll despise you for it! Choose this option for bad-taste and ultimate embarrassment.


14. Female Lifeguard

We’re not talking a hunky male lifeguard costume that will have your stag looking like Zac Effron on Baywatch. Nope. This costume idea is all about dressing him as a female ‘Pamela Anderson’ style lifeguard, showing plenty of flesh and looking completely ridiculous!


Group stag-do costume ideas

When it comes to group fancy dress ideas for a stag party, the tactic is usually very different to dressing up the lone stag. The group would much rather look cool than the completely embarrassing solo look. Here’s a selection of quirky group costume ideas that are great for all budgets and squad sizes.



15. Super Mario

Everyone’s favourite plumbers are back in action and they’re hitting the town! Dressing as iconic characters Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi is a classic look that can’t be mocked, unless you want to dress the groom as Princess Peach? 


16. Pub Golf

If your stag-do is anticipated to contain copious amounts of drinking, challenges and bar games, how about dressing the whole team up as golfers and dabbling in a game of pub golf? Treat each bar as a ‘hole’ and score yourselves on how many gulps it takes to down a drink.


17. Papa’s Smurfs

Being one of the most popular group stag-do costume ideas, you’ve probably seen hordes of blue men roaming city centre bars on weekends, and now you can do the same. Smurf fancy dress looks great and it’s easy (but messy!) to do.


18. Superheroes

Everyone has a favourite superhero and there’s enough choice of heroes for even the largest groups of stag-do attendees. Choose your best Marvel comic characters or go with quirky alternative ideas such as Banana-man.


19. Mexican fiesta

“Vamos de fiesta!” (let’s party). Don your sombrero’s and ponchos and parade into the bar causing chaos. Mexican’s know how to party and there’ll be tequila flying around left, right and centre with this idea. Don’t forget the traditional ‘bandito’ moustache!


20. OppoSuits

One of the latest fashion trends for stag parties is donning brightly coloured or wildly patterned smart suits and hitting the town in style. OppoSuits come in a variety of styles and colours so you can dress everyone the same or pick an iconic look for each of the squad members.


21. Beer Bottles

What’s one trend that’s concurrent with stag parties around the world? Sampling the finest alcoholic beverages that bar has to offer of course. Fit in perfectly with the stag activities by dressing the whole crew as beer bottle brands and alcohol favourites.


22. Colourful Crayons

Crayons costumes are insanely popular currently. They’re easy to wear, cost effective and completely random, perfect for a stag-do! Pick a different colour for each of the gang and slide into the party looking ridiculous.


23. Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers

For a legendary stag-do fancy dress idea that will spread fear into everyone you meet, re-create classic scenes from Star Wars dressed as Darth Vader (the stag) and his battalion of storm troopers (you guys). It’s not as cheap as other suggestions, but not much can compare to how cool you’ll look!


24. Morphsuits

Morphsuits have been around for some time now, but they’re persistently a creative way to dress up without spending a fortune. Available in some crazy colours and styles, all-in-one bodysuits make dressing up easy. Pick out a different themed suit for each of your mates.


We hope we’ve provided you with inspiration to pick out the best costume for your stag, ready to make him cry with embarrassment. It isn’t just for the evening either; make sure you enforce fancy dress rules throughout the entire stag-do and all activities! Find a full range of stag-do costumes, including some shockingly rude ideas, in our store.