Hottest Hen Do Costumes For Your Bride Tribe

September 04, 2020

Hottest Hen Do Costumes For Your Bride Tribe -

As the season of wedding bells approaches, we know that hen do’s can be a bit raucous, playful and outright wild! It may be hard to put together the perfect send off for your bestie into married life, but we can help you get creative with our top trending hen do costumes, so no more worrying about what to wear when celebrating her send off!

We’re going to take you across 30 unique hen party outfit ideas that are hilarious, alternative and even a little unusual. We present to you everything from the traditional to the slightly naughty and ensure these costumes are perfect for that upcoming bridal shower. Let’s get started…


Group Hen Do Costumes…

1. Captain & Sailors

Ahoy there ladies! Wave the seamen goodbye, because you’ll be in charge of this ship, and the bride will be the captain causing a splash! This hen do theme is truly unusual, and everyone will be saluting you as you pass through the clubs.



2. Baywatch

Another water themed costume, but what’s sexier than a group of Baywatch lifeguards? Hot things up on your night out with these 90s classic TV show inspired outfits. Officially licensed so that you look like the real deal, passerby will think they’ve seen a bunch of Pamela Anderson’s running through the dance floor, so start blowing those whistles and throwing those floats in these sexy outfits!


Baywatch costumes


3. Squids

If being super sexy just isn’t your thing, then why not be a slinky little Squid? Available in pink or blue, this hilarious Squid costume is great for your whole bride tribe. No one will feel awkward when wearing it, and there’s no need for the painstaking task of making sure it suits everyone’s figures, it’s simply perfect – we’re not squiddin’! Funny, unique and perfect for a girl gang wanting to have a laugh – so get swinging your tentacles about on the dance floor on your night out.



4. Cheerleaders

A true classic, a group of cheerleaders is always a firm favourite for many hen nights. These hen do costumes are so simple and easy, so show your support to the bride-to-be and shake your pompoms in shimmering style!


5. Naughty School Girls

In true traditional St Trinians style, you can add as little or as much sex appeal as you like to these group hen do costumes. Make sure you include all the add ons such as freckles, glasses, knee highs and undoing the top buttons, everyone will know that these rebels are out to play! You’ll be getting a A+ for effort!



6. Oompa Loompas

Let’s not take the hen do too seriously girls, it’s all about making memories and having a laugh on your bride’s last night of freedom. Whether you’re planning a trip to Butlins, Benidorm or a city break, dressing up as Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas is sure to cause a scene! Utterly hilarious, you’re sure to grab some attention when you’re out.


7. Pink Ladies

Spice up those summer nights in these Pink Ladies jackets. These Grease themed hen do costumes will have you all looking peachy keen just like Rizzo, Marty, Frenchy and Sandy! These outfits are perfect for a hen do gang looking for an all-round outfit to suit everyone in the tribe.

 Womens pink ladies jacket grease

8. Gaggle of Nuns

Did you know that a group of nuns is called a Gaggle? Well, you’ll be giggling and gaggling all night long in these hilarious naughty nun costumes! Remember to flash a little bit of ankle to all you may see to show off your promiscuous side. No longer will your bride be married to God after this cheeky night out.


nun costumes


9. Pilot & Trolley Dollies

Round up your ‘I Do’ crew and prepare for take-off with our Pilot and Trolley Dolly ensemble! Look red hot like those Virgin Atlantic flyers and board the party plane to any destination you wish! This group costume will be led by the pilot bride, so fasten your seatbelts, practice your safety signals and get ready for a night of fun.



10. Madonna & The 80’s

#TB to the decade of the 80s… blaring pop tunes from your boom box, perming your hair and rocking the shell suits, this costume idea can really become what you make it! Dress the bride up in a ‘Like a Virgin’ style bridal dress complete with veil, and the rest of you in our 1980s accessories including neon leg warmers, tutu’s and even our I Love The 80s dress. Head off for an 80s themed club night and you’ll impress the bride with your choice of entertainment for the night.


11. Angels vs Devils

This Angels vs Devils group costume can really become what you make it! If you want the bride to become an angel and the rest of you her cheeky devils, or split the group into half and half – it’s your choice! This low-cost costume idea is simple and can easily be made up with our accessory range of Devil and Angels wings, horns and tutu’s. Low effort, maximum impact and not too embarrassing!


12. A Bunch of Wallys

Round up your Wenda’s and get wild in these Where’s Wally themed costumes. These iconic stripes are brilliant idea for hen do costumes, as you’ll easily be able to spot your mates from afar, making it super easy to stop your drunk best mate from getting chatted up by a 3/10 at the bar. The outfit includes everything you need from glasses to stockings, so no worrying about added extras for the bride.


wheres wendy costumes


13. Army Girls

The ideal outfit for a group of cadets ready to take on the challenge of married life! Our Army Girl costume includes camouflage print combat trousers and a black vest, and go from size 10-16, making them the ideal hen party outfits for your tribe. Add on a bullet belt, inflatable gun and you’re ready to show off how bad-ass you girls really are!


womens military fancy dress


14. Super Mario Sisters

Why not twist the traditional hen do fancy dress ideas with these Italian plumbers? Their blue overalls, red and green hats scream nostalgia to many, so why not give these two characters a sexy edge with our Mario & Luigi costumes for women? Whether you want to split the girl gang – half as Mario, half as Luigi, or have the bride as Mario and her hen’s as Luigi, these outfits are sure to have you all jumping all over the place.


15. Go-go Girls

Take your girls back to the swinging 60s in these block patterned Go-Go Girl dresses. Blow the dust off of some platform knee high boots and rock these chequer board style dresses with baker boy hats and get ready for a night of retro tunes. If your bride is a lover of fashion over the ages, take her down to the dance hall or nightclub somewhere off Carnaby Street for an evening full of 1960s themed fun. Twiggy eat your heart out!


16. Promising Brownies

If you went to Brownies after school, you’ll know this uniform style outfit very well. The iconic ugly brown and yellow colour combo can be made stylish by you and your hens! Be the most fabulous Six in town lead by the Sixer bride and party the night away in these cute little uniforms, go scouting for the boys and show off your badges in the club.


17. Disney Princesses

Now, no arguing over who wants to be which princess – surely, it’s the Bride who gets to decide? If you’ve got a Disney mad bestie, then this is the theme for her hen do! Relive your childhood dreams and be princesses for the day. Rapunzel, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Anna, Elsa… the list goes on! These official Disney dresses can be mixed up with Mermaid costumes, Native Americans and many more to complete the whole set!


Disney princesses


18. Hula Girls

Perfect for a summer time hen do, whether you’re planning some drinks in Club Tropicana or having a beach weekend away in Barcelona, dressing up as Hawaiian hula girls and throwing your own luau is an easy and affordable way to have a hen do theme to suit all budgets! Why not take a peek at the accessories you can put with those grass skirts? We’ve got it all from flower leis to coconut shell cups.

 Hawaiian leis set


19. Baseball girls

Its America’s most favourite sport, Baseball has possible some of the cutest outfits in the biz! If you’re not inspired by a game of cricket, take on a Baseball theme at your hen do. With these cute dresses you can build your own team and you’ll hit a fancy dress home run!


20. Something Sweet

Wave goodbye to American candy, these themed dresses will have you looking sugary sweet and traditionally British. There’s a different style for each one in your bride tribe, including Refreshers, Sherbet Fountains, Blackjacks, Fruit Salads and Anglo Bubbly Bubble Gum – you’ll look delicious all evening.


21. Beer Maids

Slurp down some frothy tankards of cold icy beer all night and show the men how it’s done with these German style Beer Maid dresses. Celebrate Oktoberfest any time of year with these flirty dresses with dirndls. There’s a style for each of your hen’s and they come in a wide variety of sizes so no one misses out!


Bavarian costumes


22. Cops & Robbers

This WPC has a bunch of naughty convicts on her hands! With a truncheon in hand, show your hen’s who is boss in the Cop & Robbers group costume idea. Shackle them up and march them into the nightclub for a night to remember! Nothing is sexier this hen do costume idea.


23. Bunch of Bananas

The bride will look the ripest of the bunch in these silly and fun Banana costumes. These hilarious and cheap banana tunics are so random, everyone will love seeing you partying away in these.


24. Gospel Choir

Straight out of church come this harmonising Gospel Choir. Roundup your hen’s and start warming up your vocal cords, because the clubs are in for a long night of live performances! Try not to snatch the microphone away from anyone on the karaoke machine.



25. Hogwarts Class of 2020

Grab your broomsticks ladies, as in these Harry Potter themed costume robes, you’ll look like you’ve just graduated from Hogwarts. We’ve got unisex Potter robes for all, making it easier for your male BFF’s to tag along to the hen do. Choose between Slytherin or Gryffindor and dress the main gal up as Harry or Hermione. Easy, simple and something for everyone, this unique hen do fancy dress theme is sure to suit some potter obsessed mate.


Harry Potter

26. Tutu Crayons

Add a dash of rainbow colour to your night out with these bright crayon costumes with a tutu skirt. Complete with a sparkly pointed hat, these feminine crayon dresses will fit up to a size 12 and feature off the shoulder necklines – they’re perfectly glam, and there’s a colour for each of your hens.



27. Golfers

Spot of golf? Trot out onto the course in these cute women’s Golf costumes. This hen do fancy dress idea is cute, simple and requires lots of alcohol. The only club you’ll need in these outfits is a nightclub, so pair these with some cute little shoes and go for a round of pub golf! Challenge yourself and your hens to complete the course!



Hen do fancy dress ideas just for the bride…

28. BrideZilla

This unique costume idea pokes fun at your bride and her demanding ways (she has the right to be, by the way!), by dressing her up in our inflatable T-Rex costume and adding the finishing touch of a beautiful veil headband. She can stomp her way through the hen party and get all the laughs with her tiny hands and large temper!

 Ralph inflatable t-rex costume

29. The Dildo

Some may say that diamonds are a girls best friend, but your bride may feel differently… If you’re feeling naughty and know that your bride has a dirty sense of humour, she’ll love this funny Rabbit style Dildo vibrator costume. She’ll be turning heads when she’s out in this one – one of the most embarrassing hen do costumes, but utterly hilarious!



30. The Wild Wondering Willy

These outfits are slightly on the ruder side, but who doesn’t want to be a giant willy on their next night out? Whether you want to dress the whole crowd up in a spectrum of coloured winkles, or just the bride – cause a scene in these hilarious penis costumes! (They inflate for up to 4+ hours too. 

 Inflatable pink penis costume

We hope these 30 hen do costume ideas are enough to inspire you to get creative with the hen do planning, there’s hundreds of destinations, activities and themes out there, so make sure you make it a memorable night with a hilarious costume and the right accessories! If you’re wanting to see more costume ideas, take a peek at our hen do page to open your mind further!

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