30 Iconic Couples Costumes To Get You Party Ready

September 07, 2020

30 Iconic Couples Costumes To Get You Party Ready - Fancydress.com

The only thing that can get you more ready for that fancy dress party is by opting for an outfit with your partner in crime. Take a scroll through these couples fancy dress outfits for some real double trouble! We’ve got everything from the classics and originals right up to costumes that are trending now and going viral. Whatever the occasion, whatever the theme, there will be something here for you.

Below are our Top 30 favourite easy couples costumes that are hot right now, they’re perfect for love birds, best mates, men, women or any other duo! Delve into our collection of couples costume ideas that will make you stand out at that party!


1. The Captain’s Table

If you’re a Brit, you’ll definitely be familiar with this iconic dish! The humble Fish Finger is a staple at tea time for many of us. In a sandwich (or butty), or with peas and chips, this firm family favourite has been around for so long, it needed its own costume! Pair up this delicious, golden cod stick with ol’ Captain Birdseye himself, and BAM! Instant fancy dress success!



2. Willy Wonka & Oompa Loompa

Seriously, can you think of a more iconic outfit? Take a day off from working in the chocolate factory to go out for the evening with the boss! This Oompa Loompa costume is hilarious, you can get creative with that orange face paint too. No need to worry about the hair, as the green wig is included – phew! Your other half can look just like Gene Wilder in our Willy Wonka movie costume, all that’s needed to complete the look is a cane. Trot off to the party to the Oompa Loompa theme song and you’re certain to win best dressed!



3. Mario & Luigi

The ultimate couple from the 80s and 90s, and a much-loved childhood favourite, you can transform into these Italian plumbers instantly. These outfits are so easy and can be mixed and matched for men and women. The iconic overalls and hats make it a super simple costume, so partner up and work on saving Princess Peach!



4. Grease

Summer lovin’ had me a blast…

Get into the spirit of the 1950s with the world’s most favourite sweethearts Danny & Sandy. These are the best outfits for throwing on last minute, just grab a T-bird Jacket, smooth some grease into your hair and play on that rock n’ roll attitude! For the lady in your life, she can become one of the Pink Ladies with this little jacket. Layer it onto a cheerleading outfit for the sweet and innocent style, or rock it with a pair of leather jeans… It’s the ultimate his and hers costume! “Tell me about it, stud!”



5. Scooby & Shaggy

Yikes! If you’ve got a friend that’s a scaredy-cat, let him jump into your arms all night with the Scooby-Doo couples costume. This blast from the past is a proper throwback to sitting in front of the TV watching Cartoon Network on a school night. If you don’t want the rest of the Mystery Inc involved, these are the perfect main characters to play!



6. Fred & Wilma Flintstone

Look like you’ve time travelled from Bedrock when you show up to the party as this cave couple! Become the modern stone age family in the Fred and Wilma Flintstone costumes. This cartoon couple are also great for 1960s fancy dress parties!



7. The Number Twos

Lowering the tone a little, this slightly less wholesome costume combo is ideal for two, this idea may sound a little corny, but it’s the best costume for two mates where one is always cleaning up the other’s messes. The hardest part of this costume is deciding who gets to be the stool fool! Once you see this costume, it’s definitely love at first wipe!



8. Alice & The Mad Hatter

Officially licensed by Disney, play the role of Mia Wasikowska and Jonny Depp as Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. Great for Disney or fairy tale themed parties, you can attend the tea party dressed as this wacky duo. Alice is known for downing too many drinks, so who know’s what adventures you both will get up to down the rabbit hole!



9. The Joker & Harley Quinn

This is possibly the best couple to come out of Gotham City, a power couple who are happily wrapped up in being mental together. This Suicide Squad style Harley & Joker is perfect for Comic-cons, Superhero and villain parties or even Halloween! Look like you’ve escaped from Arkham’s Asylum and head out to party the night away without Batman on your case.



10. Mr & Mrs Batman

If you’re in need of a last-minute costume idea, look instantly put together and well thought through with our official Batman and Batgirl costumes by DC Comics. They’re slick, sexy and a bit badass – everything you want in a superhero couples costume!



11. Baywatch

Come dressed as two glamorous lifeguards from Malibu beach in these matching Baywatch costumes. Ideal for a 90s party, TV themed gathering or just looking super hot, these outfits are sure to have the wind flowing through your hair, the sand sticking to your cheeks and your skin looking sun-kissed – Pamela and the Hoff eat your heart out!



12. Mr & Mrs Incredible

Aka Bob & Helen Parr, this one is for the Disney addicts out there! Become the stars of the superpower fuelled family with these Mr and Mrs Incredible costumes. This is one of the best outfit ideas for his and hers costume, you can instantly transform into Elastigirl and Mr Incredible from the famous Pixar movie.



13. The Super Couple

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s only the best superpower couple at the party! Looking for a no-fuss, minimum effort costume with maximum effect? Have no fear, the Superman’s are here! Rock up to the party dressed as the most classic superheroes ever in the Superman and Supergirl costumes. This is a staple for your dressing up box, so whip them out and flex your muscles!



14. 80’s Fashionistas

#Throwback alert! Take it back to the days when the music was poppin’, perms were bouncin’ and Lycra was loved with our Height of the 80s his and her shell suits! Stroll into the party listening to Culture Club, Duran Duran and Wham! whilst pulling off these vibrant and downright ugly shell suits – everyone will join in with the reminiscing!



15. The Saucy Pair

What’s your favourite fast food without the saucy toppings? You can now become a giant bottle of Ketchup and Mustard with squeezy bottle tops! A classic, a firm favourite but so very random, it’s the most unique couples costume for adults around!


16. Mary Poppins & Bert

A classic at World Book Day, but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them all year round! These Disney characters are perfectly opposite. If you’re practically perfect in every way, take flight as Mary Poppins with her iconic parrot umbrella and partner up with your other half dressed as the cockney lark and chimney sweeper, Bert. You’ll be chim-chimney’ing around the dance floor!


17. Where’s Wally

Try to stand out of the fancy dress crowds dressed as these iconic find and search characters by Martin Handford. If you like to travel the globe just like Wally & Wenda, then these are the perfect outfits for you! Officially Licensed, this duo are ideal for every fancy dress event you can think of!


18. Astronauts

Do you love someone to the moon and back? Well, make a statement about it with this out of this world costume idea! You’ll have the best fancy dress in the galaxy with these Astronaut Costumes. Arrive to the party at lightning speed and stomp around the dance floor in your moon boots.


19. Hi-de-Hi

*Xylophone* Morning campers, Hi-de-hi! Start the party off in these yellow Maplins uniforms famous from the TV sitcom Hi-de-hi. Choose your character and get the party started in true British holiday camp style. Become Spike, Peggy, Barry, Gladys or the rest of the crew for a unique couples costume idea! 



20. Doctor & Nurse

The sirens will be blaring as you arrive to this fancy dress party emergency! Save the party with your dance floor moves and get pumping to the beat of some tunes (we hear that Staying Alive by the Bee Gees can help get the heart started again!). These outfits are a little sexy too, so you’re guaranteed to get some pulses racing!



21. The Roaring 20’s

From the age of Great Gatsby’s glitz and glamour comes this fabulous Flapper Girl and Gangster couple. A cool fancy dress idea for a New Years Eve party and even decades themed do,  shake your feather boa and cause a blast at the party with your inflatable Tommy gun – these costumes are sure to bring a lil’ razzle dazzle!


22. The Clergy Couple

In these two job roles, you must be married to God, but it doesn’t mean you can’t party hard! Become a nun and vicar that’s escaped the church for the night for one holy evening of getting down and dirty on the dance floor! Start of the night in innocence and faith, and turn naughtier as the evening goes on… “Forgive me God, for I have sinned!”


23. Little Red & The Big Bad Wolf

All fairy tales come with a happy ending, and it will be nice for everyone to see that these two got on in the end! Look like you’ve fallen right off the page and into the party with this Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf Grandma costume. “Why grandma, what big teeth you have! Why Grandma…what great moves you have!”


24. Bavarian Couple

If your favourite drink is a cold frothy beer and you have a taste for bratwurst sausages, spend the evening partying in dirndls and lederhosen in these outfits. Inspired by the traditional wear of German and Austrian village folk, these costumes are also suitable for wearing during Oktoberfest celebrations! Prost!


25. The Toga Two

Feeling as buff as Hercules or Zeus? Or just want to be part of the Roman Empire? These togas are a great couples costume idea, with style to suit him and hers! Act like a God, emperor, empress, goddess or warrior as you turn up to the party – simply accessorise to fit your look. This is such a simple costume idea, and it’s great for summer parties too.


26. Golfing Buddies

Fore! Land a fancy dress hole in one and knock the fancy dress competition into the bunker with these cute matching golf costumes. These outfits are available in black, pink or orange, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content!


27. Scallywag Pirates

Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me! For a traditional costume idea, dressing up as these buccaneering pirates is a great reason to practise your best pirate accent and get swashbuckling! Accessorise your look with eye patches, hats, bandanas, hooks for hands and swords.


28. The Roman Empire

Transport back to the days of the Roman Empire in this Empress and Spartan Warrior costume. These flattering fancy dress costumes match perfectly in colour and style. Brandish your sword and accessories with some golden headpieces, these outfits look and feel expensive – so dig out your best sandals to complete your look (but please… don’t pair them with socks!)


29. The Pharaoh & Cleopatra

Walk like an Egyptian… Become King and Queen of Cairo in these ancient Egyptian costumes. Show off your sparkling gold outfits with draping fabric, luxurious headpieces and collars and everyone will know that royalty has arrived.


30. Brownie & Scout

Stand proud in these uniforms that are very reminiscent of childhood for many. Whether you were a Brownie, Girl Guide, Scout or Beaver these uniforms will take you straight back to that after school club and have you reciting The Promise. Wear these costumes with pride just like you used to!



Remember, these are our favourite Top 30 couples costumes, but don’t forget to take a scroll through our full collection to see if anything else tickles your fancy, and as October looms, why not browse our selection of trending Halloween Couples Costumes?