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20 of the Best Girl’s World Book Day Costume Ideas

January 31, 2023

20 of the Best Girl’s World Book Day Costume Ideas - Fancydress.com

We’ve made it to yet another year, which can only mean one thing… it’s almost World Book Day! If your girl’s a huge bookworm and often struggles to put her favourite story down before bed, then carry on reading. She may already have a favourite book character that she inspires to be like, but if not and she’s still undecided, then our 20 World Book Day costume ideas for girls is sure to inspire her. Watch as she transforms into her favourite character this March!


Mary Poppins

The first costume on our list of girl’s World Book Day costume ideas is the nanny we all know and love dearly, Mary Poppins. This nanny has real class, elegance and some believe her to have magic powers, as she falls from the sky with her trusted umbrella. If your girl loves the original Mary Poppins film, or adores the more recent movie with Emily Blunt, then she too can become the young version of the nanny this World Book Day.

Mary poppins costumes

Cruella De Vil

Does your girl have a rebellious side? Whilst she might appear nice and cute on the outside, she may just let her dark side slip this World Book Day. Along with her up-to-no-good helpers, Horace and Jasper, she’ll be out searching for those dalmations this March. Whilst she may not be evil just like the real Cruella, she can be a milder and cuter version of the iconic Disney villain. But watch out – just because she’s young, it doesn’t mean she’s any nicer!

cruella de vil costumes


Your girl has no doubt seen the Descendant films by Disney. It’s a highly popular series of movies that’s loved by young girls, as they find out if Mal, Evie, Audrey and Uma follow in their evil mother’s footsteps, or turn to the good side away from all evil. If their friends are also huge fans of this epic creation by Disney, they can become the ultimate Descendant gang this World Book Day. Which character will your little one choose to be?


Disney Descendants costumes

Gangsta Granny

The next costume on our list of girl’s World Book Day costume ideas is for those who love and adore the novels by comedian, and all-round funny man, David Walliams. Did you know that old grannies can also have a naughty side? Don’t be fooled by their age, as they can be just as cunning as the young ones. Watch as your girl ages another 70 years and becomes the hip, Gangsta Granny this World Book Day.

kids gangster granny costume

Wizard of Oz Dorothy

‘There’s no place like home,’ and there really isn’t, as home truly is where the heart is. Wizard of Oz is one of the most legendary films ever created, where we get to see Dorothy and the gang venture out to Oz to find the wizard (and to avoid the wicked witch at all costs). As soon as your little girl puts on her Dorothy outfit, she’ll transport into another world. Only with the click of her ruby slippers can she return back home.

Childrens wizard of oz dorothy costume

In The Night Garden Upsy Daisy

If your girl is a fan of The Teletubbies, then she’ll probably love In The Night Garden too! The characters from this popular children’s tv series and book are very similar to The Teletubbies and have a similar caring nature about them. Watch as your girl transforms into the girly, Upsy Daisy this World Book Day. If her friends also love the TV show, they can dress up as other characters, such as Iggle Piggle. *insert link here*

kids in the night garden upsy daisy costume 

Little Red Riding Hood

The next girl’s World Book Day costume idea is a classic that never gets old. It’s the tale of Little Red Riding Hood who goes out in the woods to see and care for her sick grandmother, all whilst avoiding the Big Bad Wolf. Your girl is on a mission, but she best take care and avoid the wolf at all costs. She’ll be the best Little Red Riding Hood anyone’s ever seen this World Book Day!

kids red riding hood costume


We all know the tale of the little blonde-haired girl who adores porridge. She walks into the woods and stumbles across a lovely, but small house where there’s three bowls of porridge waiting for her… or so she thinks! She’ll do a great job at playing the role of Goldilocks this World Book Day. Just make sure that she doesn’t eat what isn’t hers this time…

kids goldilocks storybook costume

Queen Elsa

‘Let it go, let it go!’

Disney’s Frozen took the world by storm when it first landed on our screens back in 2013. It’s a wonderful film that’s not just for kids, but for adults too. It tells the tale about two sisters coming together as one, going through tough times without their parents. Watch as your girl transforms from Elsa into a real ice queen this World Book Day, along with her best friend, and sister Anna

Kids Disney Frozen 2 Queen Elsa Costume 

Princess Anna

Queen Elsa wouldn’t be who she is to this very day without the help of her loyal and kind sister, Princess Anna. She never gives up on her sister, even when she escapes and leaves the land and her freezing powers come back to haunt her. It’s a popular dress up idea for World Book Day that your girl will love and adore. It’s a character costume idea that never gets old!

kids frozen anna costume 

The Cat in the Hat

Let’s face it, all kids love the quirky tales written by American author, Dr Seuss. The most popular is without a doubt the crazy and eccentric 4-legged animal, The Cat in the Hat. The book was such a success that a film was created, featuring Mike Myers. Your girl will enter his crazy world, where everything seems too strange to be true. It’s a girl’s World Book Day costume idea for any little one that wants a quirky character outfit idea.

kids cat in the hat costume 

Peppa The Pig

A character that’s loved by all is the tale of the pink farm animal, Peppa The Pig.  Due to the success of the books, a TV series was made and it soon reached the screen of every toddler in the country. Peppa is an adventurous young pig who can never seem to keep still. If this sounds like your girl, then they’ll make the perfect Peppa this World Book Day.

kids peppa the pig costume

Alice in Wonderland

The next costume on our list of 20 World Book Day costume ideas for girls is one for the adventurers out there who love to make their way down rabbit holes. Your girl will meet a crazy Mad Hatter, an overly smiley Cheshire Cat, and finally, the wicked Queen of Hearts. Here’s to hoping that she’ll return home safely and leave her curious side down the rabbit hole!

alice in wonderland costumes

Sleeping Beauty

Everyone’s familiar with the tale of Sleeping Beauty. She had such a difficult life stuck at the top of the tower, living under a curse by an evil fairy until she’s rescued by her prince charming.  If your very own little princess loves being cosy in bed and struggles to get up for school, then she’ll be the perfect Sleeping Beauty princess this March!

kids winterwonderland sleeping beauty costume 


Another elegant Disney princess that we can’t leave off our list of great World Book Day fancy dress ideas for girls is the sister who got away from her awful stepsister, Cinderella. She’s another princess that had a tough life, especially with her awful stepmother, and equally as awful two ugly step sisters. She was then rescued by the prince and they live happily ever after. If your girl’s a fan of this wonderful Disney tale, she’ll jump at the chance to dress as Cinders this World Book Day. Don’t forget her glass slippers and the horse and carriage!

disney cinderella costume

Princess Jasmine

We’re heading over to the Middle East now and are about to fly on a magic carpet, high up in the sky with Aladdin. If your girl considers herself to be a pretty princess who loves Princess Jasmine’s long, black locks, then this could be the look for her this March. Her unique Arabian look and bright turquoise outfit is fit for any aspiring royalty.

kids live action princess jasmine costume 

Princess Leia

Even though your girl might be too young to fully appreciate the epic galactic series that many parents grew up watching, she’ll definitely be able to do Princess Leia justice! Leia is one of the original Star Wars characters and has appeared in most Star Wars movies across two trilogies. If she has other friends who love the films (and the heroic Jedi), they can team up and become the ultimate Star Wars crew this World Book Day.

kids princess leia costume


It’s time for your girl to head on into Andy’s toy box and meet all of the other toys he’s grown up with. Jessie is a fun and courageous cowgirl who can’t be without her horse, Bullseye, and her best friend, Woody. Your very own Jessie will need to be brave as she steps out of the display box in a museum, and into the real world.

kids toy story jessie costume

The Little Mermaid

We’re almost at the end of our list of girl’s World Book Day costume ideas, but before we finish off, one extremely popular Disney character that’s loved by all girls is the beautiful Ariel. She’s a girl who’s tired of being a mermaid wants to explore what life’s like above water. Watch your very own Ariel head out on an adventure into the real world, leaving her best friend, Sebastian, back at home.

kids green mermaid costume

Queen of Hearts

Last but not least is a classic Disney Villain that’s insanely fun to dress as. Featured in the Alice in Wonderland story, she’s mean, cruel and sure loves a dirty game of croquet. Watch your girl as she knocks all the cards down to the floor and wins every single game. Once she perfects the queen’s bad attitude, she’ll be declaring ‘off with their heads!’ to anyone that displeases her.

kids queen of hearts costume

Thanks for reading our blog post with ideas on the best World Book Day costume ideas for girls. We hope you found some inspiration for your little girl this World Book Day. If not, or if she has another character in mind, then be sure to check out our full range of girl’s World Book Day costumes here.