20 World Book Day Costumes for Teachers

December 27, 2022

20 World Book Day Costumes for Teachers - Fancydress.com

Inspire your pupils for World Book Day and step into the shoes of some of their favourite storybook characters. The date you don’t want to forget is the 2nd March, so don’t miss out on the chance to get dressed up all in the name of reading. We’ve made it super easy by compiling a list of easy book character costumes for adults and even thrown a few group ideas in too if a few of the staff want to make the day even more special, fun and exciting. And if you’re a primary school parent, there’s no rule to say that you can’t get involved too! 


1. Mary Poppins

This World Book Day it’s easy to look practically perfect in every way with this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mary Poppins inspired costume. Not only is this a classic book week costume, but it also saves you a few pennies by being one of the cheaper world book day options out there. Nonetheless, quality doesn’t suffer as this costume includes everything – right down the parrot umbrella cover! Looking to buddy up? Why not try pairing up this costume with Bert the chimney sweep and maybe a few dancing penguins if you want to put on a show?


2. Willy Wonka

It’s the amazing chocolatier from the mind of Roald Dahl. This Willy Wonka costume is inspired by the movie starring Gene Wilder, and complete with Willy’s brown top hat and odd fashion sense, you’ll just need to work on the crazy attitude and your look will be spot on! Why not get your teaching assistant to dress up as an Oompa Loompa? The kids will love it!


3. A Powerful Wizard

From The Lord of the Rings, to Harry Potter, The Wizard and Me and many more books themed on mystical sorcerers, there are no shortage of stories on these elusive conjurers. Dress as a wizard for World Book Day and you'll command the respect of the entire class! Get practicing those magic spells...

mens wizard costume


4. Alice & The Mad Hatter

alice and the mad hatter

A tale of many generations, Alice’s adventures in Wonderland has spin-offs, movies and books everywhere, but this classic by Lewis Carroll is a fun role to play if you’re feeling a little mad. These two book characters make the perfect duo world book day costumes for teachers. Simple, yet effective!


5. Little Red Riding Hood

womens red riding hood costume

Bring this fairytale to life by stepping into our adult red riding hood costume perfect for World Book Day. It can be rather difficult to find a school-appropriate costume from the world of fancy dress, so this one is new in specifically for the event. Rock up to school with your T.A dressed as the Big Bad Wolf and have all the pupils giggling!


6. Queen of Hearts

“Off with their heads!” This character deserves her own pride of place in this list as she’s just so iconic! From Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts costume is perfect getting the children to behave for the day. This is one world book day idea that can be used year after year, just add on a spot of face paint and you’re World Book Day ready!


7. Snow White

With skin as white as snow, this pale beauty is one of the first princesses you encounter when growing up. A timeless classic, this official Snow White costume by Disney is a bargain for a princess gown! It’s an easy book character costume for adults and parents to throw on without a worry.


8. Where’s Wally

Where’s Wally is a super unique costume idea that you may already have lying around the house! With options for both men and women, spotting the teacher in the crowds of the playground is a fun game in itself! It’s really is the perfect World Book Day costume for teachers.


9. The Hedgehog

adult unisex hedgehog costume

Fancy a super cute teacher's World Book Day costume idea? Have your entire class mesmerised by your new hedgehog look! These creatures are slow, spiky and love to bumble around the garden. There are also plenty of books based on these little critters, with Baby Hedgehog being a favourite of ours.


10. Harry Potter

It’s simple, effective and one of the easiest world book day costumes for teachers, it’s Harry Potter! If you’re a little late on receiving your letter from Hogwarts, never fear because we have the uniform here! Grab a wizard’s robe for Gryffindor or Slytherin today and maybe you could even dress as Voldemort too!


11. Fantastic Mr Fox

Dress up as the crafty yet fantastic Mr Fox with this officially licensed costume by Roald Dahl. Share the story of the clever fox this World Book Day by sporting this smart and furry costume. Ideal for teachers and parents alike, this is an easy book character to wear this year!


12. The BFG

In a classroom full of children, anyone above 5ft will seem like a giant! Why not dress up as The BFG this year? From Roald Dahl, this official costume makes for the ultimate World Book Day costume for teachers. It comes complete with the giant’s signature large ears and horn in which he uses to blow good dreams to children.


13. Cruella De Vil

“If she doesn’t scare you no evil thing will!”
Share a couples costume with your assistant this World Book Day, because teachers costumes don’t get more fun than this! Step into the shoes of fur-loving puppy killer Cruella and one of her stolen Dalmatians! It’s sure to get a laugh from your pupils and can easily be made into a group costume.


14. Batman

Mens Classic Batman The Dark Knight Costume

You may already have a superhero costume hiding in the back of your wardrobe, but it can’t be dismissed as a last-minute World Book Day Costume! Comic books still count, and whether you’re a DC or Marvel fan, you’ll be sure to save the day in a costume crisis. Batman is one hero that is perfect for school, he’s instantly recognisable by even children who aren’t comic book nerds.


15. Fairy Godmother

With your wand in hand, you can transform an ordinary school day to a magical day full of fun and learning with this Fairy Godmother costume. Perfect for Cinderella fancy dress, you’ll be Bippity-Boppity-Boo-ing your way around the classroom.


16. Crayons

crayon costumes

If your class loves the books “The day the crayons quit” and “The crayon box that talked” then they’ll be thrilled to see you dressed up as a colourful crayon! We have crayon costumes for both men and women, and all of the colours of the rainbow so that all teachers can dress up this World Book Day!


17. Funny Bones

A unique idea that gets some extra use out of your Halloween costume, a simplistic skeleton costume goes perfectly for the Funny Bones books. If you’re not familiar with it just by a photo, read the tales to the children, they’re instantly recognisable!


18. Pinocchio

Become a real boy with our Pinocchio costume, exclusive to fancydress.com. This easy and unique costume makes for the perfect World Book Day costume for teachers. Its easy, effective and you can even add a marionette if you have time!


19. The Three Little Pigs

This is a super easy world book day costume idea for teachers, simple pop on this pink fuzzy jumpsuit and you are done! Perfect for nursery school and younger years teachers, this fairytale is a classic.


20. The Wizard of Oz

Transform your classroom into Kansas for the day. There’s a selection of characters to choose from for World Book Day from the story of The Wizard Of Oz. Do it yourself and dress in green from head to toe like the great and powerful Oz himself or become a baddy like The Wicked Witch of the West or one of her evil flying monkeys. Transform into Dorothy with her ruby red sequin slippers, The Tin-man, The Scarecrow or the Cowardly Lion. There’s a bunch to choose from and it will look even better as a group costume!



If you’re still stuck for ideas, why not check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration including ways to decorate your classroom, fun activities and more! If you’re a parent wanting inspiration, please take a peek at our top World Book Day costumes for children too by clicking here.