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Womens sexy costume ideas that will unleash your wild side!

April 02, 2021

Womens sexy costume ideas that will unleash your wild side! -

If you’re looking for a way to spice up things with your partner in the bedroom, have a hen do coming up, or just fancy dressing up to make things a little more exciting, then we have some sexy costume ideas for you!

Dress up is fun, but sexy fancy dress is better! We’ve put together some of most alluring sexy fancy dress costume ideas for you. From naughty maids, to Cat Woman – we’ve got you covered.

But here’s a pre-warning: you might want to grab a fan and a cold glass of water, it’s about to get a little hot under the collar. 🔥


The Frisky French Maid

Maid in France Costume

A French Maid is by far one of our most popular sexy outfit ideas, and we can see why! Turn into a naughty maid for your partner and clean those dirty surfaces, whilst you tickle them with your feather duster.

It’s a sexy costume that can be worn for any occasion. You can also combine it with additional accessories, such as a pair of high-knee stockings, a duster and lace gloves.

You’ll soon be hired by all for your services! Practice your French and prepare to turn some heads.


The Naughty Nurse

Nurse Betty Costume

Usually, taking a trip to the doctors can make us a feel a little anxious, but not if your partner is expecting a visit with you dressed as Nurse Betty! A nurse’s outfit will set your partner’s temperature racing, whilst you give him a full-body assessment. They can even play along too and dress as a Doctor.

Nurse outfits are really versatile and can be worn for occasions such as a hen party, a birthday or even if you fancy dressing up with the girls as naughty nurses on a night out!

Go and set those pulses raising!


The Strict Police Officer

Police Vixen Costume

Alarm bells will be sounding dressed up as a Police Vixen! Have you ever fancied hand-cuffing your loved one and telling them, ‘you’re under arrest’? Now you can with a sexy police officer outfit!

Not only is this costume great for the bedroom, but it makes a fantastic idea for hen do’s and a girl’s ‘cops and robbers’ night out on the town. Get your friends involved for an action-packed party. There’s trouble and you’re at the centre of it!


The Smooth Criminal

Ladies Orange Convict Dress

An orange convict dress is the way to go for all you Orange is the New Black fans out there! You can team up with your friends and all dress as cute and sexy convicts for a night on the town or a Hen Party. If you want to add a little extra, slip yourself into some plastic handcuffs and let the laughs follow when trying to take a sip on your drink.


The Saucy Sailor

Flirty Blue Sailor Costume

Let’s face it, we all love men dressed in uniform but why not spice it up a bit and dress up for your partner in a sexy, but cute sailor costume? Sailors have long been a sex symbol, with a toned body from hard work at sea and ‘woo-ing’ all the men at port.

You can even team up with your other half, where you’ll be sure to make some waves together. Remember to anchor the boat, so you don’t go overboard!


The Wicked Devil

Fever Wicked Devil Costume

If you had to choose between naughty and nice, you’d go for…naughty! Besides, being angelic is overrated anyway!

This Fever Wicked Devil Costume will make you look like you’ve just fallen from hell and are ready to stir things up. It’s the perfect outfit for Halloween parties and themed nights out.

Combine your sexy devil outfit with additional accessories, such as knee-high stockings and a trident to make you extra devilish!


The Raunchy Robin Hood

Womens Robin Hood Costume

There’s always something so appealing to men, when women are lethal with a bow and arrow. This Robin Hood Costume will certainly get them talking!

A sexy Robin Hood outfit is a fun an unusual sexy costume idea that’s great for a themed fancy dress party and if your partner likes a little bit of roleplay. Give yourself a fairytale make-over, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Just be careful not to fire the bow at him!


The Captivating Catwoman

Catwoman Superhero Costume


The mysterious woman beneath the black, skin-tight catsuit will turn some heads at your next Superhero themed party.

You’ll no doubt feel super sexy in a Cat Woman costume, as it’ll show off all of your assets and hug you in the right places!

Team up with your friends, either all as Catwoman, or other superheroes with a sex appeal. Superwoman and Wonder Woman make great companions!

Catwoman is a creative sexy costume idea for date night dress-up, hen dos and Halloween parties.


The Alluring Air Hostess

Cabin Crew Red Costume

‘Welcome aboard. ‘I’ll be your air hostess for the duration of this flight.’

Have you ever fancied surprising your loved one, and wanted to look sexy, yet classy at the same time? Then a cute Cabin Crew costume is the one for you.

Show your partner the exit doors on the plane, which will lead him to your own private room. They can also take part and dress as a Pilot…


The Booty-licious Baywatch Lifeguard


Baywatch Lifeguard Costume

We all remember when Pamela Anderson appeared on Bay Watch in the 90s, looking red hot running along the beach in slow motion – everyone wanted to be as sexy as her! A Baywatch costume is the ultimate sexy costume idea for an outdoor garden, beach or pool party.

It’s also a fun outfit to wear with your partner, as they can play the part too and you can save them from drowning. Kiss of life anyone?


The Provocative Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Costume


Stand out from the crowd as one of the most powerful female figures of all! Wonder Woman is a sexy costume idea that oozes femininity and tells everyone you’re ready to save the day. She’s the go-to sexy costume idea for cosplay events, superhero parties and a little bit of comic-hero roleplay.

Get ready to be glammed up and become that strong, sexy and fiery woman that everyone recognises!


The Racy Red Riding Hood

Adult Red Riding Hood Costume

We all remember the tale of Little Red Riding Hood and how innocent she was. You won’t be fooling anyone with your innocence in this costume! Spice things up in the bedroom with your partner, with you both playing characters from this childhood classic. He can play the big bad wolf – and he won’t be able keep his hands off you!

It’s also a great costume to wear to a fairy-tale party or night out. Who knew a fairy-tale favourite had this wild side?


So, there you have it, our top sexy costume ideas for the bedroom, Hen Do’s and any other occasion where you want to show off your sexy side! Dressing up not only makes you feel good, but it’s also really fun too! Surprise your partner and wait for him come home from a long day at work dressed as a sexy nurse, or parade around town with your girlfriend’s as a group of police officers. The opportunities are endless!

Have fun! 😉 

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