10 great ways to help your kids learn at home in costume

September 07, 2020

10 great ways to help your kids learn at home in costume - Fancydress.com

It can be tough to keep kids entertained at home. There’s always the distraction to play with their toys, go outside with their friends or finish their favourite Nintendo Switch game. Doing something productive and teaching them new things at home isn’t as boring or difficult as you’d expect! Covering some of the main subjects at school, we’ve created a list of themes where your little ones can dress up and learn at the same time!

For each idea, we’ve also listed some excellent learning resources for the topics based on Primary School key-stage 2 learning. If you have older or younger kids, you’ll be able to find just as helpful resources online that cater to their current level of learning.

Book reading & learning English Language

When it comes to learning to read, there’s no shortage of book character costumes to get the kids excited. Sit at home and read along with them to their favourite storybook, dressed as the book character. Read in the garden, at night-time before bed, or on a morning after playtime. There’s always time to embrace their creative literature side and costumes will help them substitute the TV screen for a book.

Dress up: Harry Potter, Matilda, Willy Wonka and all of David Walliams’ book characters are popular choices.

Recommended learning resources:

Find free children’s E-books for all ages on the Oxford Owl website

The Roman Empire

Ancient Rome is taught in schools worldwide, teaching kids the importance of the Roman Empire and how it expanded all over Europe, bringing inventions such as roads, sewer systems, purification and other new developments that changed the world as we know it. Teach them about grand emperor Julius Caesar, Roman culture, and their invasions across Europe to become one of the most powerful empires the world had ever seen.

Dress up: Noble Roman soldiers, beautiful scholars in toga’s and the grand emperor himself all make excellent Roman costumes.

Recommended learning resources:

National Geographic Kids – The Romans

The Roman Empire – BBC Bitesize

Ancient Egyptians

The Ancient Egyptians were widely believed to be way ahead of their time. They pioneered technology to build the pyramids that wasn’t seen again for hundreds of years and many of their engineering ideas power our technology today. Teach your children about the unique traditions and style of the Egyptians, their unusual practices and the insanely impressive monuments and buildings they created.

Dress up: Suit up a little boy in a bold Pharaoh costume or Anubis the Jackal. Little girls will love the golden elegance of Cleopatra. Alternatively, Egyptian mummy costumes are fun for everyone!

Recommended learning resources:

Twinkl KS2 Learning – The Egyptians

National Geographic Kids Learning – Ancient Egyptians

Learning a language

Knowing a second, or even a third language is an invaluable skill for anyone to have. Get your kids started at an early age and they’ll pick up a foreign language so much easier! Even if they don’t currently learn languages at school, now is always a good time to start before they reach high school and they’ll enjoy learning about a different culture. Host Mexican themed family taco nights and learn Spanish, bake traditional French desserts together, or make a homemade pizza or pasta as an Italian chef.

Dress up: Give yourself and the kids an around the world make-over with themed accessories based on different nationalities. Mexican sombrero’s and ponchos or German lederhosen outfits are some of our favourite ideas.

Recommended learning resources:

BBC Language Learning with Muzzy

Download the Duolingo app on your smart phone

The Geography and cultures of our planet

On a similar note to learning languages, gaining an insight into the countries of the world, cultures and where things are on the map is one of the handiest skills to have in life. Open up a world map and challenge your children to find different countries or go a step further and create a quiz to point out capital cities and the names of rivers. Geography was one of our favourite subjects at school and it’s a lot more fun to learn if you can involve visual aids such as foods, costume accessories and movies.

Have you heard that David Attenborough has teamed up with BBC Bitesize to host his own classes? Find out more here. https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52344078

Dress up: Use history costumes such as ancient Greece, Italy and the Middle East or accessorise with baguettes, Hawaiian lei’s and traditional French hats.

Recommended learning resources:

National Geographic Kids Geography

World Geography Online Games & Challenges

David Attenborough Geography Classes with BBC Bitesize

Victorian Britain

In the UK, Victorian Britain is one of the most common history modules at school and is often accompanied by trips to the museum dressed in traditional outfits. As the kids are at home, make the most of online learning and the books you have available to teach them about the industrial revolution and Queen Victoria’s rule over Britain. Chimney sweeps, the royal family and the Victorian way of life are all things they’ll get to understand. Books and movies such as Mary Poppins and Oliver Twist are great accompanying ideas to help kids visualise what they’ve learnt.

Dress up: Chimney sweeps, chamber maids, Victorian royalty and fashionable Victorian outfits will all make your little one feel like a citizen of the 1800’s.

Recommended learning resources:

Victorian Britain with BBC Bitesize

Mysteries in Time Learning for Kids

The animal kingdom

What kids don’t love animals!? Insects, reptiles, wild animals and of Africa and pets at home all make great dress-up ideas and learning about animals you haven’t even heard of is highly interesting, even for the adults! Explore the animal world with your child, learning about species and their habitats, their unique senses and the food chain. You don’t even have to read books either. Kid-friendly documentaries on Disney Plus open up an animal world that you didn’t know existed. Kick back on the sofa with your whole family, all dressed in animal Onesies.

Dress up: Animal costumes of your choice – there’s dozens to choose from! Lions, tigers and bears, or tropical fish, dolphins and their favourite animated characters from TV.

Recommended learning resources:

National Geographic Kids Animal Learning and Challenges

Disney Plus documentaries: Penguins, Dolphin Reef, Jane.

World War II

WWII may be a dark period in the world’s history, however it’s a very important lesson and is taught globally. Children learn about the rise in power of the Nazi’s in Hitler’s Germany and the gradual escalation that soon saw most countries on earth becoming a part of the biggest conflict ever seen. We’re sure you and the kids have heard about Captain Tom Moore and his heroic charity drive for the NHS. Teach them about his history in the war. Open their eyes to the battles that happened throughout Europe, North Africa and the Pacific and how their ancestors were affected back in Britain. Air raids, refugees and 1940’s life is also a big subject that’s taught alongside the darker side of the war.

Dress up: Transform your child into a WWII soldier on the frontline, an RAF pilot or brave British commander. Young refugees are another popular choice and will help your little one relate to what children went through back in the 1940’s.

Recommended learning resources:

BBC History – WWII

Teaching Cave KS2 WWII Classes for Kids

Creative writing and drawing

Children are amazing at expressing their imagination through writing and drawing pictures. Help them dress up as their favourite TV character or Disney hero and challenge them to create a fairytale of their own. How would the story entail if Elsa had a third sister in Disney’s Frozen? What happens next after Snow White finds her Prince Charming? Writing a short story is tough but it really allows your little one to express their ideas. If they’re more of an artist, why not help them paint or draw their favourite characters?

Dress up: Fairytale characters of all varieties! Disney princesses, Alice in Wonderland, pixies, fairies, kings and queens are all imaginative costume ideas.


Biology, physics and chemistry are arguably the toughest subjects, but they can be the most fun too! Sit down with your kids and teach them about the marvels of the universe, the in’s and outs of the human body and the chemistry that makes up everything we see and touch. You may even learn something that you had completely forgotten! School science these days can be pretty intriguing.

Dress up: Astronauts and aliens are great for Physics, doctors, nurses and surgeons fit perfectly with a Biology class and scientist lab coats are a perfect all-rounder.

Recommended learning resources:

BBC Bitesize Science Learning Modules

National Geographic Kids Science



Now we’ve inspired you with some cool yet educational ideas to keep the kids entertained at home, don your headmaster’s hat and have fun teaching your kids about the world around them. It’s an enjoyable experience for the whole family and you can even throw in a couple of practical life lessons that they haven’t learnt at school. Get creative and take learning to the next level in fancy dress!