The best Halloween party theme ideas

August 13, 2023

The best Halloween party theme ideas -

Welcome to our party planning guide, featuring some of the best Halloween party theme ideas for 2023 and beyond! Each of the chosen themes are perfectly suited to a Halloween celebration, whether it’s a small gathering with friends at home or a MONSTER of a celebration at a venue in town. Sit back, grab your pen and paper and get ready to plan a party to remember…

Find our favourite Halloween party theme ideas below, including tips for accompanying fancy dress.


Squid Game

squid game costumes

It's time for you to enter a new realm, a new world, and a new adventure in Jeju island, South Korea. The Squid Game is a deadly series of challenges, comprising of dreadful rounds, destined to knock out players without showing any remorse. Characters from this world-wide phenomenon that first got released on Netflix in 2022, are perfect for Halloween. They're dark, deadly and a little bit scary. Choose wisely... 

What to dress as: Player 456, the Front Man, Guards, Doll, VIP guest. 


Disney Villains

disney villain costumes


Hands up if you love a good old Disney movie? Of course, happy endings are always to be expected, but there's always that one Disney villain that does all they can to prevent that magical ending we're all after. They're cruel, evil and dark, making them the perfect character to dress up as for Halloween. You'll be unstoppable! 

What to dress as: Cruella de Vil, Ursula, Queen of Hearts, Malificent, the Evil Queen


Sinister Circus

Ever since The Greatest Showman movie was released, circus fancy dress parties have been huge! Re-create your own show and slide into the limelight with a sinister circus theme. This spooky Halloween make-over to the traditional circus theme invites creepy clowns over friendly ones, evil jesters and undead lion tamers. In addition to all the dressing up ideas you can find in this theme, there’s plenty of opportunity for cool decorations and party games too! Why not create a carnival in your back garden?

What to dress as: Evil clowns, ringmasters, circus performers and The Greatest Showman characters.


Day of the Dead

One of our personal favourites for a Halloween party theme is a trend that has blown up in the past few years is Day of the Dead. Turn your venue into a hacienda in Mexico and parade with your friends as a horde of sugar-skull skeletons. Day of the Dead, or ‘Dia de los Muertos’ as it’s known in Mexico, is the annual festival that celebrates our deceased ancestors. It has since travelled from its origins to be a global hit, making it perfect for a Halloween party. Practice those make-up skills and create a Day of the Dead look that would frighten any party guest.

What to dress as: Traditional Mexican Day of the Dead ‘senourita’s and senor’s’. Coloured dresses, skull embellishments and the unique sugar skull make-up design will complete your costume.


Pumpkin party

halloween costumes


The number one activity on Halloween is no doubt pumpkin carving. Every year, carvings are getting more elaborate, creating scary pumpkin faces and advanced sculptures that look amazing! Gather your friends for a pumpkin carving contest and decorate your house and garden with all the finished designs. Pumpkin accessories are easy to find too. Wrap orange banners and black cardboard on the walls, make a pumpkin treat tub your centrepiece and let the good times begin… Just be careful with the candles if you plan on lighting all of your new pumpkin friends!

What to dress as: Traditional Halloween characters such as skeletons, pumpkins, vampires, werewolves, witches and other evil creatures of All Hallows Eve.


Horror movies

horror halloween movie costumes


Horror movies is what Halloween is all about and films of the past few decades have inspired costumes and characters that make terrifying Halloween ideas. Combine the best of the best horror movies and create a party to remember! Incorporate the evil doll Chucky to transform your bedroom into the set of ‘Child’s Play’, hide Pennywise the Clown in your kitchen cupboards and generally have fun theming your home for each movie. How about giving each room a unique movie design? Other films you can introduce include The Rocky Horror Show, Beetlejuice, Annabelle, Scream, Friday 13th and more. 

What to dress as: Scary movie characters such as Pennywise the Clown, Anabelle doll, Jigsaw from Saw, Freddie and Jason or Halloween classic, Scream.


A haunted house / The Addams Family

Re-design the set of the Addams Family or the Haunted House at Disneyworld with your own Spooktacular house of horrors. This Halloween party theme idea is perfectly suited to Halloween events at home, allowing you to give your house that much needed appearance change for October 31st. Deck the halls with cobwebs, blacken out the windows, dim the lights and plant a few scary ‘boobie traps’ around the house. Magic mirror on the wall anyone? Finish of the party theme with creepy background music and your own ghost tour.

What to dress as: Traditional Halloween characters such as skeletons, pumpkins, vampires, werewolves, witches and other evil creatures of All Hallows Eve. Of course, there’s always the most famous haunted house personalities of all – The Addams Family.


Horrifying fairy-tale

Not every fairy-tale has a happy ending… Embrace the dark stories of the fairy-tale world and deck your party venue out with toadstools, enchanted tree ornaments and props that scream ‘fantasy’. Encourage your guests to dress up as characters such as Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, Peter Pan and other fairy-tale superstars, but give them a dark makeover to suit the Halloween theme. Fairy-tale inspired treats, games and drinks will all give your party that much needed sprinkle of pixie dust.

What to dress as: Dark versions of book characters such as Alice in Wonderland, Disney Princesses, the Three Musketeers, Peter Pan, fairies, pixies, noble knights and more.




superhero costumes


 Not strictly Halloween specific but a great Halloween party theme idea nonetheless, superheroes is one of the most diverse options on our list. The comic hero universe spans Marvel and DC to bring countless stories, movies and characters to life. You could have 50 guests and every single one of them could be a different character! Stick to heroes such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman or go for a lesser known face such as Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy or Mr and Mrs Incredible. Decorate your venue with bright primary colours, ‘pow’ banners and props, playing heroic movie theme tunes in the background. If you want to make it more Halloween-esque, why not make it an undead Superhero theme?

What to dress as: The Avengers squad, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Incredibles, Captain Underpants; practically any superhero you can think of! You may wish to make up your own.


Hollywood glitz and glam

Sometimes a Halloween party doesn’t have to be scary. Spice up your October 31st with a Glitz and Glam theme that’s reminiscent of Hollywood’s hottest parties. We’re talking ball gowns, tuxedo’s and all the suave accessories you can handle. Prefer to mix it up a bit? A masquerade ball or character fancy dress for movie characters makes it even better! Lay out the red carpet, mail out some snazzy invitations and let the party commence… This is a good theme for a budget or classy event. Everyone has formal wear they can use. 😊

What to dress as: Suit up in a tuxedo, ball gown or cocktail dress. Alternatively, become a movie character, actor, actress or masquerade persona.


Pirates of the seven seas

‘Pirates’ is a classic Halloween party theme that’s great for adults and kids of any age. It suits children’s Halloween parties, all the way up to the late-night adult parties with drinking games. It’s easy to dress as a pirate and your friends can go for the simple option of a bandana and eye patch with torn clothes, or grand Blackbeard or Jack Sparrow outfits that look exactly like the characters. Create your own pirate party games, theme your snacks and decorate the room with treasure chests, maps, flags and pirate props. How about creating a treasure hunt challenge for your mates to complete?

What to dress as: Traditional pirate scallywags, pirate captains such as Jack Sparrow, bar wenches and Pirates of the Caribbean characters.


Egyptian palace

Possibly one of our most stand-out Halloween party theme ideas of all, an event based on Ancient Egypt is sure to go down a storm! Craft tall golden pillars from cardboard for your main entrance, buy a small pyramid for your centre-piece and decorate the walls with hieroglyphics print-outs. Take it even further by dressing your canapés in ancient Egyptian-style garnishing’s and give them names such as ‘Mummy’s chicken fingers’. The theme has a lot of potential for creativity and you’ll have fun planning it out. We recommend hosting it in your back yard or garden if it’s not too cold.

What to dress as: Bandage wrapped mummies, Cleopatra, an Ancient Pharaoh or simple toga with a sash are all fitting costume ideas.


Murder Mystery crime scene

scooby doo costume

‘Murder Mystery’ is an excellent Halloween party theme for adults that want to create a fun game to celebrate October 31st, rather than just the usual snacks, drinks and casual conversation. Similar to a game of Cluedo, Murder Mystery challenges are a great way to spark your imagination and best suited for smaller party sizes. All you need to do is think of a mystery, write a story and create a series of props, riddles and navigation challenges. Check out this excellent guide here for help planning your activity night. Then all you need is some tasty food, plenty of wine and willing participants!

What to dress as: Anything you want! Pick a theme for the Murder Mystery challenge and create specific characters as you wish. Or invite friends to dress as detectives, professions, TV show characters, etc.


The Monster Mash

Take inspiration from Michael Jackson’s classic ‘Thriller’ video and zombify your party. Graveyard props, cobwebs and creepy creatures of the undead will make this Halloween party theme idea a hit. Play classic Halloween tunes in the background, think of some fun party games and create your own dancefloor for a music-inspired theme with a lot of energy. Be sure to assemble your friends at midnight for your own version of the Monster Mash or Thriller dance!

What to dress as: Frankenstein, zombies, Walking Dead characters, skeletons and other creatures of the undead.


We hope we’ve helped you think of the perfect Halloween party theme idea for October 31st. Write up a guestlist, think off a to-do list and get to work planning an All Hallows Eve that all of your friends will remember for years to come! All of our Halloween party theme ideas can be done for gatherings of different sizes and budgets, from small parties at home to big celebrations at a booked venue.

Shop around for the perfect accessories and costumes. 😊 Of course, we already have the costume side of things covered. Find costumes for all of the themes mentioned above in our Halloween costume store here.

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