The Best Eurovision Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for 2023

April 19, 2023

The Best Eurovision Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for 2023 -

It’s time to find your nearest stage, grab hold of a microphone and sing to your heart’s content, as Eurovision is just around the corner. Countries from Europe and beyond compete in the iconic Eurovision Song Contest in the hope to be crowned winner! Whatever team you're cheering on this year, you're going to need to look the part. Therefore, we’ve assembled a show-stopping selection of Eurovision fancy dress costumes to inspire you.

Whether you’re inviting your friend’s round for a Eurovision party at home or are heading out to your local for a few drinks, you're sure to have a blast. Life is better in fancy dress!


Super Troopers

The first costume on our list of Eurovision fancy dress ideas is an obvious choice, but we had to add it regardless! One of the world’s most recognised bands and winners of Eurovision back in the 70s, Abba, even to this very day, is loved by many. We certainly can’t get enough of their catchy songs. Relive the good ol’ days when they took the crown by dressing as one of the members of Abba. Don’t forget to practice those disco dance moves!

Abba costumes

Flower power

We’re heading back another decade to the 60s, where anything bright, colourful and flowery was in fashion. People of the 60s loved all things flowery and the trend is quickly starting to return. Eurovision is all about looking your best and if that means you stand out from the crowd, it’s a winner! Re-live the 1960s decade by putting on something your inner hippie would be proud of.ladies flower power hippy costume

London is calling

If you’re a true Brit and couldn’t be any prouder of your heritage, dress up as one of the country’s most iconic landmarks this Eurovision. Located in the capital, Big Ben is a masterpiece that attracts millions of tourists each year. Dressed up as this famous attraction, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb at your upcoming Eurovision party. Get ready to boogie every time the clock passes the hour mark!

Big Ben Dress Costume

70s Disco Diva

The 70s decade was a time of flared trousers and bright colours, and no-one said a word. It's also a look that we see at Eurovision every year. Be right on trend with some 70s fashion as you rock up to the party with an outfit that hasn't aged. It's a Eurovision fancy dress idea that'll never get old.

70s fancy dress costumes

Spice up your life

Are you ready to spice up your life? Ginger Spice most definitely is! The Spice Girls will forever remain one of the world’s favourite girl bands. They’re fun, loud and their songs are really catchy. Geri Halliwell + Eurovision = the best costume combination. Whether you decide on ‘who do you think you are?’ or ‘two become one,’ you’re guaranteed to knock the charts this Eurovision. This outfit idea is perfect for those supporting the United Kingdom.

womens union jack spice girl costume

The Beatles

Continuing with the theme of legendary artists, the British icons; John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, better known as The Beatles, created some incredible music. If you want to show off what the nation has to offer, gather your three other friends as you become this sensational pop band this Eurovision. Considering the contest will be hosted in Liverpool this year, we can't think of a better Eurovision fancy dress costume idea!

beatles costumes

London post box

Next up on our list of Eurovision costume ideas is a novelty costume that's perfect for Brits supporting the United Kingdom. Red post boxes are an icon of the UK and are known worldwide. What better way to shout about your country and give your mates a laugh? Dress as a postbox and you'll be the life and soul of your Eurovision party.

adult novelty post box costume

Disco King 

We’re talking long, flared trousers, white suits and the best disco dance moves anyone’s ever seen. Yup, you guessed it, we’re taking it back to the 1970s again! Disco emerged from 70s and rode the highs well into the 90's. It's even a popular theme in this year's Eurovision. Raise your arms into the air and perfect those iconic moves. This outfit requires a lot of hip movement.

disco king costumes

Music makes the heart sing

The next costume on our list couldn’t be more fitting for Eurovision. Who can remember the iPod? It wasn't that long ago we were all listening to MP3 players and blaring tunes from our boombox. Although it's all about smartphone music players these days, the classics are still considered to be cool. Get ready to blast out your favourite songs from Eurovision and make an entrance to the party!

music costumes

The King of rock

Another legendary British singer who we’ll always remember is Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist of the rock band, Queen. Clap your hands together, stomp your feet and grab your electric guitar, as you belt out one of his classics. Some of our favourite include ‘We will rock you,’ and ‘We are the champions’. It's a Eurovision fancy dress idea that everyone will recognise the moment you enter the room.

freddie mercury costumes

Mr Union jack

The next costume on our list is one for the men who like to dress up and look smart at the same time. A suit says a lot about a man, and no doubt you’ll be the smartest person in the room. This outfit idea is smooth, sophisticated and insanely loud. Cheer on the UK in style this year!

union jack suit

Disco man

Are you looking forward to letting your hair down and dancing to catchy, and sometimes strange tunes? Unleash your inner disco god as you blind other partygoers both with your dance moves and your outfit! You’ll be the shining star at the party with this suave outfit.

disco costumes

90s Hip Hop star

Hip hop played a huge part in the music industry back in the 90s. The likes of Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Outcast paved way for a new era in music. They also brought us some of the best club music at the time. Relive your best 90s moments at this year’s Eurovision, grab that mic and rap to your favourite tune.

80s hip hop costumes


Disco Queen

Let’s face it, all women love to dress up, no matter the occasion, but if there’s an occasion to dress up for, even better! Don your gold outfit and gold jewellery and head straight on to that dance floor, as you become the ultimate dancing queen. This Eurovision costume idea is such a fitting choice for Eurovision.

disco queen costume

70s Disco Diva

If you’re into the latest fashion trends and love a good time on the dance floor, perhaps the 1970s psychedelic style is your thing? Think big flares (the bigger the better) and bold animal prints. This is another great Eurovision costume idea inspired by 70s style.

70s disco costume


Colourful Rainbow

What’s Eurovision without a dash of colour? If you’re looking for something more unique to help make you stand out from the crowd, transform into a human rainbow for Eurovision. Cheer on the nation from the back of the bar and everyone will still see you. There's no disguising yourself in this outfit.mens rainbow suit

I love the 80s

We've listed plenty of 60s and 70s inspired outfits, but what about the following decade? Hand’s up if you love the 80s! A decade full of class, vibrance, colour and style, people knew exactly how to party. We’re talking bright coloured clothes, crimped hair, sweatbands and leg warmers. You’ll look like a true 80s kid at your upcoming Eurovision party when you suit up in this outfit.

80s costume


80s Wild Child

The final costume in our Eurovision fancy dress costume ideas guide is one for lovers of music. Madonna was such an icon in the 80s and 90s, known for her wacky hair styles, 'out-there' clothing, and of course, her music. If you consider yourself as being a bit of an 80s wild child, Madonna is the right way to go this Eurovision.

womens 80s wild child costume


We hope you managed to find the perfect costume for you to wear this Eurovision. If not, be sure to check out our entire range of Eurovision fancy dress here. The event is all about having a great time and celebrating music together, so you'll have a fun night whatever you're up to. Be sure to send us your Eurovision fancy dress photos. We'd love to see them!