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The Ultimate Carnival Costume Ideas Guide

December 17, 2021

The Ultimate Carnival Costume Ideas Guide -

Hello and welcome to our ultimate Carnival costumes guide. If you don’t know what carnival is, then we’re here to fill you in on the spectacular annual occasion that it is! Just think of a lot of colour, a plenty of sparkle and a bunch of standout costumes, all to celebrate a special event. Carnival is celebrated throughout Europe during the months of February and March, just before lent begins. It’s also part of a bigger worldwide celebration with national events in the Caribbean, Mardi Gras, and the one and only ‘Carnival’ in Brazil.

It’s a great way to get your friends and family together and dress up in just about any costume you can think of. What are the rules? There are simply none! From cleaning products like toilet roll and hand sanitiser, to chic flapper costumes and pints of beer, any costume you choose will be cheered. Check out our top 20 carnival costume ideas below and get ready for the party! 😊


Army Girl

Attention! It’s time to get that soldier walk nailed down to a T and be on guard, as you swap your everyday makeup for something a little bolder. Welcome to boot camp soldier! You’ll be under a vigorous training regime, so you best be prepared! But of course, you can still add a bit of sass and glam in there too, don’t you worry…

Army Girl Costume 

Little Red Riding Hood

The little girl who went into the woods to help her sick grandma had no clue who she would encounter on the way. She’s such an angelic little girl who didn’t deserve to be tricked by the big bad wolf, but little did he know, Little Red Riding Hood was very smart indeed. It’s not just a costume for World Book Day, but also for carnival too. Everyone knows the story and you’ll be recognised instantly.

Red Riding Hood Costume 

The Circus Leader

How good is your balance? Do you thrive off danger? If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, then it’s time to change out of your clothes for something a little more suited for the circus. Get up on that tight rope and show them how it’s done. You’ll be the master of the circus and will put on one heck of a show!

Ring Mistress Costume 

The Roman Gladiator

Gather your armour and be prepared to fight for your life in the arena, as a true Roman hero. Are you strong and fierce, with plenty of courage? If so, then you’ll make a fantastic Roman Warrior. Don’t worry, you won’t need to fight off any enemies during carnival though! This is a great costume for showing off that sculpted gym bod!

Mens Roman Gladiator Costume 

80s Dance Queen

Every decade brings something special to the scene, and the 80’s is sure one of them. Full of colour, life and flair, you can bring back this spectacular decade with a simple outfit. No wonder it’s on the list our ultimate carnival fancy dress guide! The 80’s is a theme that’s right on trend.

80s T-Shirt 

Super Mario

We all remember that addictive game from the 90s, where we spent countless hours, days, weeks and months trying to save the princess. You can bring back some real nostalgia this carnival as the one and only Super Mario. Every man needs a woman to give him a helping hand, so she can join in on the adventure, too!

Super Mario costumes


Eddie the Eagle

Spread your wings like an Eagle, because its…Eddie The Eagle! Although there won’t be any medals being given out during Carnival, you can still feel like a true Olympian and slide into the party tall and proud, knowing that you are in fact a legend! This carnival costume idea is perfect for a ski resort party. Après anyone?

Mens Eddie The Eagle Costume 

The Talented Mariachi Band

Whilst carnival only takes place around Europe during February and March, you can still add a bit of culture from afar, and what’s more cultural than Mexico? If you have a double personality, or want to ‘shake’ things up a bit, then why not transform into a mariachi by day, and a ‘Day of the Dead’ Senor Bones by night… how does that sound? Even better, grab a couple of friends and form your own Mariachi band for carnival!

Mens Mexican Mariachi Costume 

The Green-Faced Superhero

The next costume on our ultimate carnival fancy dress guide is one for the slightly crazy superhero wannabees out there. If your favourite colour is yellow and you’re a fan of Jim Carrey’s wild character, then look no further. Carnival is all about wearing bright colours after all!  

Manic Superhero Jim Carey Costume 

The Rockstar Legend

Gone are the days of backcombing your hair and using your hands as an electric guitar, as you headbang and jump up on your bed. Rockstar legends weren’t created, they were born with unique talent. We’re just not sure if everyone at carnival will be able to handle your rockin’ personality…

Rockstar King Costume 

1920’s Flapper Girl

The 20s era brought a lot of style and sparkle, not to mention all the glitz and glam parties that came along with it. First impressions are always key, so by turning up to carnival as a true flapper girl this year, all eyes will sure be on you. Gatsby fancy dress is all the rage at the minute, so you’ll be right on trend with one of these dresses.

1920 Flapper Costumes

The Disco Dude

It’s time to boogie on down as the Disco King. The disco era was all about the flares, tight flower shirts and the big curly hair. It’s such a vibe for carnival, and not only are you adding a dash of style, but you’ll also bring back a laid-back but rebellious mindset that festival goers love. Night fever, anybody?

Men's Disco Disco 

Magical Wizards of Hogwarts

The next costume in our ultimate carnival costumes guide is inspired by the legendary books and films known as Harry Potter. It might seem like a piece of cake waving your wand about and trying to kill the Dark Lord, but it’s not that easy. You’re still not 100% safe even during carnival, so be sure to have your wits about you and have that wand by your side!

Harry Potter costumes

The Avid Golfer

Don’t worry if you’re not great at golf, even the best of the best aren’t able to compete with the likes of Tiger Woods. But we may stand more of a chance when it comes to pub golf! Embrace the party nature of carnival and band your friends together as a group of golfers. These outfits are colourful, easy to wear and comfortable – exactly what you need for a full day of celebrating!

Pub golfers

The Bathroom Squad

Hygiene is always important, and we must always remember to wash our hands. Since the global pandemic struck, it’s now more important than ever, so why not add a comedic touch to carnival and send reminders to others to stay germ free? Lighten the mood this carnival season!

Funny costumes


Colourful Crayons

The next carnival costume idea on our list is something that all you 80s, 90s and 00s kids will remember. We spent hours upon hours colouring in with those instantly recognisable crayons that came in an array of different colours. Come on; let’s paint the carnival town into a rainbow! Crayons are a classic festival and party costume idea no matter the occasion.

Crayon Costumes


The Toga Party

The final costume on our list is one for those who like a party Greek and Roman style. The ancient Greek were known for their lavish gatherings and unusual festival practices, and now you can follow suit. You can put your white sheet and curtain tie away this year, as we have something better in store. It’s a great carnival costume idea for a group of friends! Togas are extremely easy to wear too!

Toga costumes


We hope you enjoyed browsing through our carnival costume ideas guide. It doesn’t matter which outfit you decide on, anyone that dresses up at carnival fits in perfectly with the crowd and it’s a crime to arrive in normal clothes! We hope you have an amazing time with your friends and family, no matter the event you’re attending.

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