Our retro 90s costume ideas guide

June 11, 2021

Our retro 90s costume ideas guide - Fancydress.com

It’s time to party like it’s 1999! The 90s decade brought us the greatest girl band in the UK, The Spice Girls, that all young girls inspired to be like. Classic TV programmes such as Baywatch and Clueless were born, not to mention the 4 friendly creatures that all children loved, The Teletubbies. What better way than to celebrate this fabulous decade than through fancy dress! Host your own 90’s themed school disco, gather your friends for a 90’s night out or choose a 90’s outfit for Halloween.

We’ve pulled together a list of our most sought after 90s costume ideas below, for both men and women! 😊


The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls were the most recognised and successful girl group of not just the UK, but across the world in the 1990s. From their number one release, ‘If you wanna be my lover’ to their more emotional song, ‘Two become one,’ they will never be forgotten in the music industry! Style-wise, they sported outrageous costumes and big hairstyles; every teenager wanted to be like them! They make a great 90s group costume idea for your next night out with your friends, or even hen party. Everyone will be saying ‘Stop right now’ asking where you got your outfit from, when you rock up to the bar.  

Ginger Spice:

Union jack Spice Girl Costume

Baby spice:

Baby Spice Costume

Scary Spice:

Scary Spice Costume

Sporty Spice:

Sporty Spice Costume

Posh Spice: 

Posh Spice Costume


The Prince of Bell Air

We all remember the cool guy that was suited and booted in the film, Men in Black, but let’s take it back to his earlier years in the 90’s. Will Smith plays the part of a teenager who’s sent back to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in their Bel-Air mansion. Life may seem perfect at the beginning, but he just can’t seem to get himself out of trouble! The Fresh Prince of Bell Air was an extremely popular US series back in the 90s and it had everyone in stitches. It’s a great 90s costume idea for those that can rap the theme tune from memory!

 Freshest 90s prince Costume


Austin Powers

‘Groovy baby!’

Austin Powers first appeared on our screens in 1997 and the main man himself has become such a huge icon ever since. From his 70s style haircut to his trademark out teeth and blazer, he’s the perfect 90s fancy dress choice for guys that want to be babe magnets at the party. It’s time to practice your best Austin Powers dance moves and get on down to the dance floor, yeah! Why not team your costume up with friends and dress them as arch nemesis Dr Evil or Beyonce’s character, Miss Foxxy Cleopatra?

 Austin Powers Movie Costume

Baywatch Babes

Let’s face it, lifeguards have some serious sex appeal; running in almost slow-motion across the sandy beaches to rescue beach-goers. Baywatch was a TV series that gained its popularity in the 90s, with Pamela Anderson taking the lead role! Since then, we’ve been spoilt again with the modern remake, featuring The Rock and Zac Efron - what’s not to love? You too can transform into a Baywatch hunk or babe at your next 90s themed party – just don’t forget your whistle! This one’s a great idea for the summer months and beach parties.

Womens Baywatch Tee Costume


Ace Ventura – Pet Detective

‘Alrighty, then’

For all you animal and pet lovers out there, you can go on your very own adventure to find the abducted dolphin, just like Jim Carey as the Pet Detective. Just don’t forget your pet investigator badge and parrot on your shoulder! It’s a great costume to dress as for any movie themed party, or even for Halloween. Dress your friends as animals or bring along some soft toy animals to perfect the character!

Pet Investigator Costume 

Super Mario

‘It’s a-me, Mario’

Whether you’re a 90s kid or not, you’ll remember Super Mario and friends. Spending hours upon hours on your Nintendo as Mario, hopping past enemies and saving Princess Peach. We of course can’t forget about his brother, Luigi! It’s a perfect 90s costume idea for stag nights with your mates, a cosplay event or any decade themed party.

Men's Super Mario Costume 

Power Rangers

Are you a ‘Mighty Morphin’ power ranger ‘til the end? Wouldn’t you love to go about your daily life like everyone else, but then transform into a ranger when your help is called upon? The Power Rangers were hugely popular with children in the 90s, and even to this very day, with the new Power Rangers series! Team up with your friends and defeat killer alien robots. Power Rangers morphsuits are easy and comfortable to wear and it’s an excellent 90’s fancy dress idea for groups.

Pink Ranger:

Pink Power Ranger Morphsuit Costume

Yellow Ranger:

Yellow Power Ranger Morphsuit Costume

Red Ranger:

Red Power Ranger Skin Costume

Green Ranger:

Green Power Ranger Costume

Blue Ranger:

Blue Power Ranger Morphsuit Costume

Old School Rapper

Drop it like its ‘hawt’ on the dancefloor with Snoop Dogg, or lose yourself in the music with Eminem. The 90s brought us some incredibly talented rappers and ‘Gansta’ style is where it’s at. We would spend hours on end trying to rap as fast as them in front of the mirror. Grab your mic and put on your gold bling as it’s time to rap away at your next popstar themed party. You’ll be looking the ‘biz fo sho!’

 MC Hammer Old School Rapper

Forrest Gump

‘Run forest, ruuuuun!’

You don’t always need to have the most expensive, high-tech running shoes to be able to break records. Forest Gump is an all-round family favourite film that was released in the 90s. It’s a life story about a man who embarks on epic adventures in hopes to find his high school sweetheart, doing great things along the way. It’s a tale that brings everyone to tears! Dress up as the man himself and run into the party, Forest style. Everyone knows the famous chant!

 Run Forest Gump Costume

Floppy Disk

Technology has massively evolved over the years and long gone are the days of the floppy disk. We now have memory sticks and SD cards to content with! We all remember our reliable file transfer friend, Mr Floppy Disc. Teachers often used them in schools back in the 90s and they were huge in the emerging office world. Whilst they’re no longer used, why not bring back some fond memories of your childhood and give everyone a good laugh at the party? This hilarious Floppy Disk costume is right on trend for a 90’s party.

 Floppy Disc Costume

Jurassic Park dinosaurs

Imagine going on a day out with your friends to an island theme park, only to find out that the dinosaurs have set themselves free and are on the hunt – especially the T-Rex! Jurassic Park is to this very day one of the most legendary dinosaur films to have ever been produced. Afterall, that’s where people’s love for dressing up as dinosaurs came from! Bring the party to life and transform into a life-like sized dinosaur at your next movie themed party, or animal themed event. Inflatable dinosaur costumes always make a big impact!

 Inflatable Ralph Rex Costume

The Addam’s Family

The Addam’s Family are the creepiest and quirkiest family around. They absolutely adore Halloween, so they can scare away trick or treaters that turn up at their doorstep. Released in 1991, The Addam’s Family was a hit for the entire family, where people would gather together to watch the film on Halloween. Transform into the lady of the manor, Morticia Addams, but watch out for that garlic! Your family can join in on the fun too, as other characters from the film! Uncle Fester, Gomez, Cousin Itt and Wednesday Addams can all join in on the action.

Morticia Addams:

Womens Morticia Addams Costume

Wednesday Addams:

90s Womens Wednesday Addams Costume

Uncle Fester:

Addams Family Uncle Fester Costume

Cousin ITT:

Addams Family Cousin itt Costume


Toy Story characters

A film loved by all, the first Toy Story movie took us all to infinity and beyond with Buzz, Woody and friends. Woody was Andy’s most favourite toy at the beginning, and he gave him so much attention and care, but he soon found love for other toys, making his originals jealous! Gather your friends and re-create the toybox of Andy’s bedroom. Jessie, Rex, Buzz, Woody and even Forky have costume options. It’s a cool 90’s costume ideas for groups of friends or family, especially if you’re involving the kids.


Mens Woody Costume

Buzz Lightyear:

Buzz Lightyear Adult Costume


Toy Story Women's Jessie Costume

Scuba Steve

Now here’s a 90’s costume idea that not many others will think of… From the film, Big Daddy, Scuba Steve is the quirky animated character played by Adam Sandler. He dresses up as Steve to encourage Julian to do his homework and chores, and boy, does he try his best! This Scuba Steve outfit looks just like the costume in the film and your friends will find it absolutely hilarious. Make sure you perfect the Scuba Steve voice ahead of the party. 😉

Adult Scuba Steve Film Costume 

Clueless Dionne and Cher

Imagine being the most popular girl in school, Dionne, alongside your best friend, Cher. They are the most talked about girls in school and everyone wants to be them. It’s time to put Clueless on the TV and watch one of the most popular 90s TV shows. ‘There goes your social life’ as you’ll be spending hours on ending watching the episodes! Transform into diva’s Dionne or Cher and walk down your school corridor like a queen! This 90’s outfit idea is popular year-round, especially for Halloween!


Clueless Dionne Costume



Without A Clue Cher Costume 


We all remember this ‘oh so popular’ kid’s TV show back in the 90s. The Teletubbies were made up of a group of 4 alien-like creatures that were inspired by astronauts. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-la and Po were best of friends. They loved to eat tubby toast and custard! Looking back as adults, the show seems very strange, but we all loved it at the time. If you’re struggling for a 90s costume idea and want to turn up to the party making friends laugh and reminisce the 90s, then Teletubbies costumes will sure do the trick! You just need to convince three friends to join you!

Tinky Winky:

Teletubbies Tinky Winky Costume


Teletubbies Dipsy Costume

Laa Laa:

Teletubbies Laa Laa Costume


Teletubbies Po Costume


So, there you have it, our list of top 90s costume ideas for you to use as inspiration for your next decade themed party. If nothing here tickles your fancy, or you want to browse through our other 90s costumes, you can check them out here 😊

Almost as important as your 90’s fancy dress is the music for the party! Make sure you build a retro playlist ahead of your grand arrival!

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