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Your Ultimate 80s Fancy Dress Guide

September 07, 2020

Your Ultimate 80s Fancy Dress Guide - Fancydress.com

No need to scour the internet for the perfect 80’s fancy dress outfit or night out, because we’ve created your one stop shop guide which holds all the information to make sure you nail that totally rad outfit. Below you’ll find everything from 80s fashion to 80s hairstyles, including crimping, shell suits, neon and Lycra! Get ready to hold that microphone and sing Cyndi Lauper, Adam and the Ants & Duran Duran down the karaoke all in the name of fun!


Choosing the perfect 80’s fancy dress outfit


80’s Fancy Dress Essentials:

For a cheap 80s fancy dress idea that’s very cheerful, the I love the 80s dress is standard! Wear this one either alone or paired up with a tutu and leg warmers for added 80s vibes. It’s a bargain at just £11.99, and has that pop of colour you need!

Sports Luxe:

Everyone’s staple of the 80s was an ugly, loud and obnoxious Shell Suit. And lucky for your fellow partygoers, we’ve got two of the co-ords in pink and blue – they make the ultimate 80s couples costume, bonus for you lovers! Chuck on a wig, throw on a ‘tache and get into the 80s party spirit.


Work Out Icons:

Another 80s fashion trend that was (when looking back) outrageous that it even happened – the work out gear! Everyone was jumping onto the fitness bandwagon, but this time in skimpy Lycra leotards, leggings and sweatbands. Just be careful to stay covered up when daring to bare all in these outfits… you can really give an eyeful! Below is our neon leotard costume and Mr Motivator inspired outfit!


Cult Classic Idols:

A guide to 80s costume ideas isn’t complete without this group costume! Hands up if you went to see this one at the pictures? We’ve got a range of officially licensed Ghostbusters costumes for your next fancy dress event. Choose between the famous beige boiler suit or an inflatable like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or The Slimer and add on Ecto Goggles too – safety first!


Toy Box Heroes:

If you were a child of the 1980s, you’ll know that some of the best games and toys were gifted to you throughout the many Christmases and birthdays during the decade. The Rubiks Cube and Teddy Ruxpin, My Little Pony and Troll Dolls were iconic (just to name a few) but some of our favourites were He-Man & She-Ra, complete with bulging muscles and kick ass attitudes!


Video Gaming Champions:

Nintendo reached its peak in the 1980s, with the instant worldwide hit that was Super Mario! Unlike Atari’s E.T game (which was so bad they buried the remaining copies in the deserts of Mexico), Mario, Luigi and the gang are still going strong today, so you can dress up in the iconic red, green and blue overalls and party on power ups!  

Chart Topping Superstars

With Top of the Pops being one of the best and biggest shows on TV at the time, you can now dress up as those who composed the songs that represented your youth. Whether you loved the beat, listened to it ironically or the lyrics just spoke to you, these superstars were bound to be in your Top 10! We’ve got a selection of 80s female popstars along with some of the greatest male singers and bands, all with outrageously unique costumes that defined the decade. Complete your look with a selection of 80s accessories including all the wigs.


Freddie Mercury – I Want To Break Free


George Michael/Wham! – Wake Me Up Before You G0-Go


Boy George – Karma Chameleon

Madonna – Like A Virgin

Where to go in your 80s attire?

Over our time in the fancy dress world, we’ve discovered the best nights out for 80’s lovers, and where we deem appropriate to wear your new costumes. Of course, anything was acceptable in the 80s, but there are some events that you must cross off your list!


Butlins Absolute 80s Weekender

Running at least once a month at all of their resorts, Butlins have teamed up with Absolute Radio to bring you some of the biggest and best 80s fancy dress parties in the UK. Here you’ll find live performances, headliners and supporting acts to play your mixtape of cheesy 80s pop. Everything from Pet Shop Boys, to George Michael, to The Cure. It’s big on fancy dress, so make sure you’ve picked the best outfit from our selection!


Tropicana Nights

Specifically for over 25s, these club nights bring “pure 80s heaven” to different venues around the UK. Whatever the size of your group, you’re sure to be in for a treat as you’re welcomed with gift bags too. Everyone’s in 80s outfits, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, you better choose a good one.

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Hen Do’s

Best theme ever! Hen Do’s are always more fun when in costume, so whether you’re heading out to a club or exploring a different city, celebrate the bride’s last night of freedom in 80s fancy dress style!

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Rewind Festival

For one of the Summer’s biggest 80s festivals the UK has to offer, Rewind Festival is a must have experience! Party the weekend away to your favourite tunes out in the open air, with big 80’s musicians and tribute acts to keep you entertained – there’s even a fancy dress competition too – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

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Now that you’ve got your event and a selection of 80’s fancy dress to choose from, you can relive your 80s teen youth in the best way possible. Make memories with friends, get your pictures for Instagram and party like its 1980 all over again!