10 Unique World Book Day Costume Ideas

February 21, 2021

10 Unique World Book Day Costume Ideas - Fancydress.com

If your child is in the older years of primary school, they’ve probably dressed up as nearly every character in the library! If you’re a little stuck for ideas or lacking inspiration, never fear because we have 10 unique World Book Day ideas for your little one.


1. The Wonky Donkey

This story has come to light recently on the back of a viral video of a Scottish nan cracking up whilst reading to her grandchild. This tickling poetical tale is about a three-legged donkey with one eye who liked country music, a.k.a. a honky tonky winky wonky donkey. Dress your little one up in this comfortable donkey costume to make the day fun and easy!


2. What the Ladybird Heard

Dress your little one up in this cute unisex Ladybird costume for World Book Day, it’s super easy, simple and effective. This Julia Donaldson book tells the a tale of a farm full of animals that utilise their voices to stop thieves robbing the prize cow. Perfect for bedtime reading during early years.


3. Demon Dentist

Demon Dentist by David Walliams features a boy named Alfie with a fear of the dentist. Alfie needs to face his fears when a new evil dentist, Miss Root, comes to town. Perfect for girls, your little one can wear our Dentist costume to school. Add a little face paint, makeup and a jumbo syringe and they’re ready for World Book Day!


4. Curious George

Curious George is an oldie but goldie. He’s featured in many books, tv shows and even film. He was an African monkey taken to live in a bustling city with ‘the man in the yellow hat’. Your child will love dressing up in this comfortable monkey costume and it will keep them warm too!


5. How to train your dragon

Your little one might love the three movies, but did they know it started off as a book? Cressida Cowell wrote 12 How to Train your Dragon books, and created The Hidden World. Your little one can dress like any of these characters and practice their escape of the hidden world.


6. The Enormous Crocodile

One of Roald Dahl’s many famous books, your child can dress up as The Enormous Crocodile with this crocodile onesie. This greedy crocodile has the intention of eating children in the nearby town but is stopped by fellow forest mates.


7. The Tiger Who Came To Tea

This alternative World Book Day idea has come from a very popular book, “The Tiger Who Came To Tea”. This greedy tiger waltzed into the house of a family and eats almost everything they have! If you’ve got a ravenous tike at home, this could be the costume for them!


8. Stick Man

This unique World Book Day costume may seem a bit odd, butderives from Julia Donaldson’s books success. Alas, “Stick Man” was born. This simple costume is an easy World Book Day idea. Your little one will love prancing around claiming that he wants to get back to the family tree!


9. Wind in the Willows

An old classic that often gets forgotten about, why not dress your child up as some of the world’s most loved characters from Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows. Choose from Badger, Ratty, Mole or Mr Toad and have a jolly old time this World Book Day. It’s certainly a more unique idea than the hundreds of Willy Wonka’s and Mary Poppins that will enter the classroom!


10. Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World

This fantastic book will inspire little girls everywhere whilst teaching them very important moments in history. It’s a very unique world book day costume idea, and your little one can dress up as whoever they choose. Why not try a Victorian Suffragette? Or a DIY Frida Kahlo or Coco Chanel? There’s just so many influential women to choose from!


That completes our 10 alternative and unique World Book Day ideas for your little ones. If you’re wanting more inspiration check out our Pinterest page or read through our other World Book Day blogs? Try costumes for teachers and costumes kids.