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Dressing up as Santa Claus: A complete guide

December 05, 2022

Dressing up as Santa Claus: A complete guide - Fancydress.com

Ho, ho, ho and welcome to our epic guide on dressing up as the one and only, Santa Claus, otherwise known as Father Christmas. There’s no denying that Santa is the star of the show every December, so why not celebrate his greatness this festive season and become his daring double? It may seem easy to dress like the big man, but if you’re going to do it, you need to do it properly. Read on for our step-by-step guide on Santa fancy dress! 😊


image of Santa Claus pulling a face in front of a red background

What does Santa Claus wear?

The first step in this guide is all about looking like Santa. Ask any little one and they’ll instantly know the answer to this. However, it’s important we cover all the basics! Santa is famous for his bright red attire, his oversized belly and his grey beard- so you’re going to need to look the part. Here’s all you need to know when it comes to creating that iconic Santa fancy dress look:


Santa’s suit

The main component to Santa’s look is his suit; made up of a red and white top and matching pair of trousers. Santa’s top is long sleeved to help keep him warm during those cold, winter nights and a pair of trousers that are equally as warm. Don’t forget to put on his signature black and gold buckle belt to help keep in all those mince pies!


Santa’s stuffed belly

Another component to complete Santa’s look is his round belly. Whilst we may wonder how he’s able to fit down the chimney, he needs a lot of energy in the form of mince pies. Delivering millions and millions of gifts on Christmas eve isn’t an easy task! To achieve this, either bulk up yourself, or use a handy belly stuffer accessory


Santa’s sack

Whilst we’re on the topic of gifts, if a child has been extra good this year, he’ll want to give them more than one present. To ensure the gifts don’t get lost, or in the wrong hands, he relies on his trusty Santa sack.


Santa’s hat

Now that we’ve covered Santa’s actual costume, what about the accessories? Not only does his hat keep his head and ears warm on Christmas eve, the Santa hat is an iconic accessory that can be worn either with Santa costume, or on its own. Santa becomes instantly recognisable with this accessory!


image of a few mini red Santa hats on a red background

Santa’s beard

The final piece to complete the ultimate Santa look is his white, curly beard. It’s a key piece that you need to add; it simply can’t be left out. After all, Santa is famous for his beard!


Acting like Santa

Now that you look the part, it’s time for you to put your acting skills to the test and nail those Santa mannerisms! Santa is the happiest person on earth, so you’re going to need to channel your inner ‘child excited about Christmas’ to pull it off. Here are some tips on how to act like the main man himself:

  • Don’t forget to say his famous line, ‘Ho, ho, ho!’ There’s no overdoing it, so you can say it as much as you like!
  • When the kids ask you for something for Christmas, listen to them carefully and make note of their Christmas list. Also be extra attentive and see if they have been extra good this year!
  • Make sure you have plenty of candy canes in your bag to give out to children. This will make them happy and believe even more in the Christmas spirit. They’re cheap and tasty!
  • Practice the famous ‘Santa walk.’ Santa likes to rub his belly, as a signal to others that he’s hungry. You never know – you may be given more mince pies than you bargained for. Walk slowly, with a slight bounce in your step and keep your shoulders back. Santa Claus is a towering authority that creates a presence in any room he walks into.
  • Talk slowly, calmly and with a low voice.
  • The final, and the most important one of all is to always smile! No frowning is allowed!


image of Santa Claus sitting down on a chair giving a gift to a child


Reasons to dress as Santa

The next section in our Santa fancy dress guide is all the reasons why you’d dress up as the jolly fellow. Whilst you may just love Santa and want to look like him without any hidden agenda, there’s often an occasion why you’d need to dress up as the king of festivities! We’ve listed some of the them below:


Christmas performance

If you’re taking part in a Christmas performance this year, as a teacher at a school, or even your local theatre, then you’re going to need a great Santa outfit to look the part. Hopefully by the end of the show, everyone will feel that Christmas spirit!


Surprising your kids

If you have children and want to win the award of the best parent of the year, or even fancy surprising your grandchildren, Santa fancy dress will certainly bring that festive cheer. All children get so exciting at this time of year, so why not make their day and become the friendliest and happiest man on the planet?

image of Santa Claus sitting down on a chair and waving


A big night out

Are you heading out on a night out with friends? Swap your t-shirt and jeans for something more festive. Christmas nights out are always a laugh, and even more so when you dress up! Have you ever seen a parade of Santa Claus impersonators bar hopping in town? That could be you this year.


Christmas work party

Another occasion where you might want to dress up as Santa is at your upcoming Christmas work party. After a stressful year, why not find your inner Santa and spread joy to your colleagues at your office party amongst all the paperwork that’s left to file!


Charity event

Christmas isn’t just about receiving, it’s about giving, too. If you’re taking on the role as the leading man at your local charity event, then you’re going to need to look convincing! Raise money for a fantastic cause this festive season.


image of people hanging out food supplies at a charity event

Working at your local shopping centre

The final reason on why you might dress up as Santa is if you’re working at your local shopping centre, in your own Santa’s grotto. It’s a great way to make the kids happy and put in their requests for Christmas day. The question is, will you know who’s been good and who hasn’t this year? For this Santa fancy dress idea, you’re going to need an realistic outfit that looks very convincing.


The history of the traditional Santa Claus

We all know that Santa Claus loves the colour red, has a big belly, adores mince pies and relies on his reindeers to help deliver all the gifts on time for Christmas day. However, the traditional Santa Claus has a long history, steeped in Christmas traditions dating back to the 3rd century.

Let’s go back a few hundred years ago to a monk named St. Nicholas. St Nicholas was admired by many for his kindness for giving away his wealth to the poor and the sick. Over the course of the years, St Nicholas became more and more popular, known as the protector of children and sailors. Since then, the story of St Nicholas then evolved into something much bigger and greater over the years, travelling across the Atlantic to what we know today as New York City.

Santa Claus in today’s world is known under so many different names, depending on where you are in the world. From Father Christmas, to Santa Claus, to Saint Nicholas and Kris Kringle. He’s without a doubt the star of the show… The character’s identify represents so much more than just presents and children across the planet see him as an icon to look up to.

an ornament of Santa Claus on top of a wooden table


Deciding on a budget for your Santa Suit

The next section in our guide is all about deciding on your Santa fancy dress budget. Of course, everyone will want to look like the best Santa, but that has a price. When it comes to choosing your Santa costume, it’s good to ask yourself the following:

  • What are you going to be wearing the Santa costume for? For example, are you playing the leading man at your upcoming Christmas theatre production? Or are you and your friends dressing up as Santa at your annual festive night out? If you’re taking part in a theatre production, you’ll need a higher quality costume compared to a one-off night out on the town with friends. Some Santa Clauses need to be more convincing than others, so you’ll need a realistic beard and a large plush jacket with higher quality materials.
  • Are you looking to repurpose the costume, year after year? Any decent costume will allow you to wear it for a few years, but it usually costumes with a higher price. If you want to make Santa fancy dress an annual tradition, we recommend opting for a mid-to-high range costume. However, if you need a quick, last-minute costume that you’re unlikely to wear again, then a budget-friendly option is the way to go.


Santa fancy dress costume ideas

We’re almost at the end of our Santa fancy dress guide, but before we finish, we have some fantastic Santa costume ideas for you, to suit various different occasions, styles and budgets.


Adult Plush Santa Costume

adult plush Santa costume

Let’s face it, Santa has a lot of style and takes pride in his appearance. Does that sound like a man you aspire to be? You’ll make him proud in our Adult Plush Santa Costume. It’s a mid-range priced outfit that’s perfect for nights out, Christmas day lunches, or surprising the kids.


Adult Budget Santa Costume

adult budget santa costume

Time’s are hard and depending on the occasion, you might not need a top-end Santa costume. If you’re looking for something simple and affordable for a night out, this is the look for you. It still sports the same features, colours and style of any grand Santa suit, just with lower cost materials.


Adult Inflatable Santa Costume

adult inflatable santa costume

Christmas is all about having fun with loved ones, so why not make them laugh this Christmas in our unique and hilarious inflatable costume? Santa’s definitely had one too many mince pies this year, that’s for sure…


Adult Deluxe Plush Santa Costume

adult deluxe plush santa costume

If you’re a stylish individual and want to live up to Santa’s well-dressed reputation, you’re going to need our high-end Santa costume. It’s a great choice if you’re taking part in a theatre production or play. It’s also ideal when meeting kids at a local shopping centre and playing the role in a grotto. You’ll leave every child questioning whether you’re the real Santa Claus!


We’ve made it to the end of our ultimate Santa fancy dress guide. You should now be all set for Christmas, ready to surprise your kids, family, or even steal the show at this year’s theatre production. No matter what the occasion, you’re going to be the best Santa anyone has ever seen! Go and show them who’s boss, and don’t forget our tips and tricks on how to act like Mr Claus. Happy Christmas!