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30 Creative Couples Halloween costume ideas

August 30, 2022

30 Creative Couples Halloween costume ideas - Fancydress.com

Hello, and welcome to our guide on the best Halloween couples costumes ideas for 2022. Let’s be honest, Halloween is always a fun event, but it’s even better with your best friend, love of your life or partner in crime by your side. Couples costumes are such a hit every Halloween and partners love to hashtag couplegoals on their Instagram pics. Why not join them and team up as the baddest, sexiest or scariest duo this Halloween?

Whether you’re looking to break free from Arkham Asylum and unleash havoc as The Joker and Harley Quinn, or you’re teaming up with your best friend Robin, as Batman or Batwoman, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top 30 Halloween couples costumes below. Share them with your other half and decide on the perfect outfit together!


1.The Hairy and The Scary

We’re starting off our list of the best couples Halloween costume ideas with two characters from the 90’s classic, The Addams Family. They provide a slightly contrasting demeanour, as Cousin Itt is funnier (not to mention hairier) than the gothic, moody teen that is Wednesday. They make a great duo, creating frights and laughter all around. A big win!

The Addams Family Costumes

2. Clueless Besties

‘OMG girl, I can’t believe you’re with him. Ugh, as if!’ Continuing on with the theme of 90’s classics, Clueless brought us a lot of sass, popularity, checked print blazers and short skirts. Team up with your bestie as Cher and Dionne as you strut into the party as two of the most popular girls around.

Without a Clue Costumes 

3. Ghostly Bride and Groom

Who’s getting married in the morning? If you and your partner fancy reliving your wedding day this Halloween, then transform into the ghostly Bride and Groom as you renew your vows. You’ll send chills down the guests’ spines at your wedding as you tie the knot for a second time around! And by wedding, we mean party! That’s the best part anyway 😊

Ghostly Bride and Groom Costume



4. Terrifying Clown Couple

Clowns make an excellent Halloween costume, and even more so if you’re going as a duo. Frighten the living daylight out of your friends and family as you dress as the infamous killer clown Pennywise, from the blockbuster movie, IT. If your goal is to scare on Halloween, then this is the perfect couples Halloween costume idea for you both!

Scary Clown Costumes

5. Greek God and Goddess Royalty

If you’ve ever fancied becoming the ultimate power couple and have others serve you hand to foot, then why not go as a Greek god and goddess couple? Ladies, you’ve finally got your prince Hercules! Whilst it’s not traditionally a scary Halloween costume like the others on the list, it still makes a fantastic couples Halloween costume. They’re easy to wear, comfortable and affordable. What’s not to love?

Greek God and Goddess Costume

6. Spell Casting Couple

It’s time to grab your wand and cast a couple of spells this Halloween (especially to those that haven’t been the nicest to you this year!). Whether you’re looking to conjure up a new recipe, or want to defeat the darkest lord of all time, together you’ll be unstoppable this Halloween.

Witches and Wizards Costumes

7. ‘Let’s play’ Couple

‘Hi, I’m Chucky, wanna play?’ Let’s forget about the cute little dolls we used to play with as a kid. Move over Barbie and Ken, as Chucky is in town! Slight possessed, slightly creepy, Chucky plays the freakish doll from the movie, Childs Play. One Chucky is bad enough, let alone two, so together, you’ll be double the trouble this Halloween!

Chucky Costumes

8. Skullicious Couple

If you and your partner are looking for something a little more this Halloween, why not together celebrate the lives of those who passed away, as part of the largest Mexican celebration, Día de Los Muertos. Grab the most floral outfit you can find ladies, and gents, pop on your suit and get painting your skull faces ready this Halloween! This theme is popular every single Halloween and it’s quickly gaining traction. There’s no denying, it looks awesome!

Day of The Dead Costumes

9. Team Top Gun

The next hit couples Halloween costume idea has to be the matching men and women’s Top Gun costumes. Pretend you’re in a film set from the movie, as you refine your flying skills in the air with each other. The classic is being imagined with a brand new Tom Cruise movie and we can’t wait to see it. This is another reason why this costume idea is right on trend. Question is, who will be the pilot and who will be the co-pilot?

Top Gun Costumes


10. Intergalactic Duo

In a land, far, far away, life may or may not exist, that’s only beyond our wildest dreams. If you’ve ever been intrigued to find out what life is out there, then you and your partner can team up and transform into astronauts for Halloween. Don’t forget to take your camera and get proof of life in the outer world! This classic NASA orange spacesuit look is our favourite. You won’t be missed on the dancefloor!

Astronaut Costumes


11. Cops and Robbers

Is one of you as good as gold and the other a little bit of a rebel? Dress up to show it as you transform into a classic cop and convict. Put your partner in handcuffs and march them to the party. There’s a ton of different police and convict outfits to choose from so it’s completely up to you what look you go for.

Cops and Robbers Costumes

12. Blood Thirsty Couple

Another classic character to dress up as for Halloween is a vampire. They sure love a bit of blood (from humans, of course) and hovering mysteriously in the dark. Cause double the trouble as you team up together as the ultimate Halloween power couple. Vampires can be creepy or sexy, so why not be both? Go all out in a full-blown costume or simply pop in some vampire fangs, apply fake blood and pop your collar. Just watch out for the garlic!

Vampire Costumes


13. Superhero Couple

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to save the town this Halloween! Put on your mask and cape and get ready for action as you dress up as iconic couples from the superhero universe. We all know that Batman can go it alone, but he’s always better with a sidekick. Batman and Batgirl or Batman and Robin make a great Halloween couples costume. Other ideas include Superman and Supergirl, Spiderwoman and Spiderman, Black Panther and Shuri…

Superhero Costumes


14. Seafaring Pirates

Ooooargh me hearties! It’s time to get on your hands and knees and get to work at scrubbing the decks nice and clean (otherwise you may run the risk of having to walk the plank!). Rule the seas with your partner and go on the hunt for some booty! Pirates is a theme that goes hand-in-hand with Halloween and any part you attend is sure to have other crew mates. Create your own costume and accessorise all you like or do ‘pirates’ on a grand scale with an all-in-one costume. This couples costume idea is great for any budget.

Pirate Costumes


15. Mr and Mrs Jigsaw

If we asked you to think of the most horrifying and gory Halloween film out there, SAW would probably be first to mind. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a series of horror films about a twisted puppet character that tortures and toys with his victims. Sound like the perfect Halloween costume? Not quite; imagine if SAW had not one, but two puppets? Team up with a friend or partner to create havoc at the Halloween night out.

Jigsaw Costumes


16. Beetlejuice Babes

We all know what happens when you say Beetlejuice three times! Why not do a good dead this Halloween and help a family reclaim back their beloved house, just like in the movie? Beetlejuice is pretty disgusting in both his habits and appearance, but he’s still loved by all, and the legend lives on every Halloween. Don the black and white striped outfit of this well-known Halloween character this October 31st!

Beetlejuice Costumes


17. Heavy Handed Couple

Ladies, have you ever given your partner a haircut and gone slightly overboard, completely messing up his look? If this is you, then why not dress up as Mr and Mrs Scissorhands this Halloween? They chop away all day long, and by the end of it, no hair will be left! You’ll need to practice Edward’s mannerisms and your technique though! These stand-out costumes are a best seller every year.

Mr and Mrs Scissorhands Costumes

18. Voodoo Masters

Transform yourself and your bestie into freaky voodoo masters this Halloween and have fun controlling unruly party guests! The art of voodoo is being able to manipulate and harm others through the use of a mysterious doll and this ancient African practice has been adapted into popular movie characters. Dress up with traditional tribal decoration with the classic skull accessories, and you’ll be a voodoo priest or priestess in no time.

Voodoo Dolls


19. Mr and Mrs Voorhees

What’s that you can see lurking over in the distance? Straight out of Crystal Lake is the most feared movie serial killer of all time, Jason Voorhees. To make things even more frightening, his wife is joining in on the fun too. Mr and Mrs Voorhees make a classic couples Halloween costume, but the question is, who will dare to cross the lake and fear The Voorhees’ wrath?

Mr and Mrs Voorhees


20. The Addams Family

Scary Halloween characters don’t always need to look scary at first glance. Morticia and Gomez Addams are the husband and wife duo from The Addams Family. They don’t look as scary as werewolves and clowns but you sure don’t want to get on the wrong side of them! Team up with your partner in crime as you glide across the dancefloor as the unusual but charming husband and wife. We can’t think of a better couples Halloween costume idea than these guys!

The Addams Family Costumes


21. The Fantasy Couple

If you and your partner consider yourselves as being adventure seekers, then you’ll want to enter a land of mystery, evil queens and an overly happy Cheshire cat. As it’s Halloween, it’s not like the Disney movie with flowers and rainbows. Transform into an eerily dark version of the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, with evil versions of the Mad Hatter and Alice. Just watch out – you don’t want to get your heads chopped off!

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

22. Circus Jesters

Are you and your partner the ultimate jokers? Do you love to play pranks on your friends and family? Now’s the time to brush up on your best Halloween tricks (not treats) as you give yourself as makeover to become a jester and harlequin. Think bright colours, clown make-up and plenty of jumping around. You’ll need an animated character (or a few drinks) to pull this one off.

Circus Jesters Costumes23. Storybook Couple

We all remember the tale of sweet, innocent Red Riding Hood, as she wanders through the woods to look after her poorly grandmother. Red Riding Hood is a good girl gone bad this Halloween, and is perhaps no longer afraid of the big bad wolf? Red and the Big Bad Wolf makes a great couples Halloween costume, and you can even add a bit of blood to your costumes to ‘goreify’ your look.

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

24. The Arkham Villains

Straight out of Arkham Asylum, the oh so troublesome duo, The Joker and Harley Quinn. They’re on the loose and are ready to cause a stir in Gotham City! If you consider you and your partner to be the ‘baddest’ couple at the party, then Joker and Harley are an eccentric team of villains that you can’t ignore for your couples Halloween fancy dress. Get creative with colourful hair, temporary tattoos and fake weapons to really perfect the DC Comics character look.

Harley Quinn and The Joker Costume

25. The Nightmare Duo

Halloween is all about the scare-factor and the title is in the name with this couple. Based on the film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington plays the spirit of Halloween. He finds his one true love, Sally, as they embark on an adventure together. Even though Jack was tired of frightening people in the ‘real world’ you don’t need to be, as you team up as the nightmare duo couple this Halloween.

Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes 

26. The Ghost Hunters

The next couples costume that’s fit for Halloween on our list is the Ghostbusters. If you have a fun Halloween activity planned and are exploring haunted house (or maybe an escape room?) then it’s time to put your skills to the test, as you hunt down creatures of the supernatural. Go for the classic look from the original movie or the new and colourful Ghostbusters outfits from the recent movies.

The Ghostbusters Costumes 

27. Walking Dead Zombies

Head back to your school years and cheer on the team! Zombie costumes come in all shapes and sizes, but the Zombie Cheerleader and Football Player is a particularly excellent idea for couples. They may not have the energy to create an exciting game of football, but they’re bound to scare off the other players. Practice your best cheer routine and rock up to the party in these matching outfits!

Zombie Costumes

28. Pandemic Pals

It goes without saying that we’ve heavily relied on our trusty friend, Mr Sanitiser, since the beginning of 2020. We never leave the house without it! Dress up as our pandemic friends and bring back some memories to the party; let’s just hope no one ends up bulk buying toilet roll again! This is a couples Halloween fancy dress idea that’s perfect for this year to end all this nonsense. Give all of the other couples a good laugh.

Toilet Roll and Poo Costume


29. Religious Fanatics

Nuns, The Pope, bishops and priests were never intended to be scary, but now Halloween has arrived, these religious professions have a new look! Feast your eyes on these scary costumes! Scary Mary and an undead Pope make terrifying costume ideas for couples that want to creep friends out. Walk up behind other party guests and wait until they turn around. Their reaction will keep you entertained all night long!

Scary religious costumes

30. The Devious Doctors

The final couples Halloween costume idea on our list is the classic doctor and nurse duo. Let’s face it, they are the real heroes, working day in and day out. For one night, and for one night only on October 31st, they transform into frightening characters that you’d never trust with a needle or surgeon kit. Add lots of fake blood to transform this simple but effective outfit into something that’s fitting for Halloween.

Doctor and Nurse Costume 

That concludes our list of the top 30 Halloween couples costumes for 2022. We hope you found some costume inspiration for you and your partner, but if you haven’t, you needn’t worry as we have plenty more costume ideas for you to check out here. Be sure to share your own couples costume ideas with us on social media – we’d love to see them!