20 of the Best Kids Superhero Costume Ideas

September 07, 2020

20 of the Best Kids Superhero Costume Ideas - Fancydress.com

Superheroes are one of the top choices for kid’s fancy dress and as you’ll see below, there are many options to choose from! Sit back with your children and browse our top 20 kids superhero costume ideas for inspiration. From DC and Marvel comics and the latest Disney animated movies, there’s ideas for both boys and girls. Get your little one ready to save the universe, but first of all find the right threads!


The Avengers

It's no doubt that The Avengers are the strongest and most powerful superhero group in the universe. From the originals such as Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America, to the newbies who all make an appearance in the forth and final film, 'End Game.' With so many cool and unique superheroes to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to be for the day. Our versatile and OG Avengers Costume will transform them into any superhero they want to be! Your days are over, Thanos!

kids team avengers costume


Black Adam

The next superhero on our list requires no introduction. Calling all lovers of DC Comics and Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, this one's for your boy! After spending thousands of years in the guardhouse, Black Adam is finally freed and is about to become a real legend, being challenged by modern day superheroes. Is your child ready to become one of the strongest superheroes out there? 

kids black adam costume



Spiderman has been one of the most popular kids superheroes for decades! From the comic books to Warner Brother movies, and having now featured in the latest Marvel movies, he’s here to stay and his quirky Peter Parker character is loved by all! Outfit your little one with a kid’s Spiderman Costume and have them running around the garden pretending to shoot webs! 

 kids spiderman costume

Captain America


There's no Avengers without a certain Captain America. As one of the originals, he brings a lot to the table, and his skills certainly are very impressive! He's strong, powerful and even his looks can kill. Captain America is a brave and honourable soldier who will do anything to save the world from destruction. His trusted shield will never fail him and neither will it fail your very own little superhero. 

kids captain america costume


Wonder Woman

Are you looking for a super cool and heroic kids superhero costume for your girl? Wonder Woman is one of the most courageous heroines out there, fighting crime throughout history since the days of ancient Greece. She wears a bold red costume with a blue skirt and iconic crown, looking both cool and collected for battle. Go for a comic-classic kid’s Wonder Woman costume or an outfit based on the more recent movies. Lastly and most importantly, Wonder Woman is the most iconic feminist superhero out there, so spread that girl power!

childrens classic wonder woman costume

Batman & Batgirl

Although he doesn’t have super powers, Batman’s advanced technology and superior crime-fighting skills makes him a force to be reckoned with! He’s also one of the most popular superheroes of all! Kids of any age will be proud to dress up as this unsung hero of Gotham City and can dress their friends as characters such as Robin, The Joker and The Riddler. Don Batman’s iconic look from the old-school animated series, Arkham Asylum video games or the top-rated Dark Knight movie series with Christian Bale. Kids Batman costumes will always be a winner, whether they’re dressing up as Bruce Wayne in our Batman costume for boys or Batgirl dress for girls!

batman and batgirl costume


Batman’s trusty sidekick Robin is always by his side to help defeat the villains of Gotham City. Featured in the animated Batman series and comics, Robin is a fun hero for children to become, he’s a little less popular therefore your child will look unique! Trick or treating or attending a party as a group of brothers or friends? Dress them as Batman and Robin, the bravest and boldest superhero duo around.

childrens classic robin costume

Superman & Supergirl

A superhero that any kid will be familiar with is the powerful Superman, soaring through the clouds and getting mistaken for a plane! He’s one of the most noteworthy heroic characters in the DC Comic universe and has been featured in movies and TV shows for decades. Now it’s time for your boy or girl to take to the skies and don those famous blue, red and yellow colours we all recognise. Superman and Super Girl outfits are bold, brave and daring – and they’ll love the flowing red cape. Just be sure they stay away from Kryptonite!

superman and supergirl costume


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

One fantastic animated US TV show from the 90s is without a doubt the legendary, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A group of four brothers join forces and take their powers to the next level to defeat the evil Shredder and his clan. They're quick on their feet and their speed is unbeatable...the question is, is your child up for the challenge this World Book Day? 

teenage mutant ninja turtles costume


One of the most recent superheroes to be featured on-screen is Aquaman. Saviour of the people of the hidden city of Atlantis, Aquaman must find the Trident of Atlan and defeat the ruthless King Orm. The movie’s setting is certainly unique to the superhero world and kids will love dressing up in this ‘scale texture’ gold and green costume. Accessorise with his Atlan Trident and they’ll be envied at the party!

kids aquaman movie costume

Captain Marvel

Looking for a girls superhero costume that’s one of the coolest out there? This Captain Marvel costume is based on her look in the 2019 Captain Marvel movie and Avengers: Endgame. Stylish and sleek with bright blue, red and gold colours, little girls will feel indestructible at their fancy-dress party or on Halloween! She’s one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes of all and for that reason, your little girl will love this costume!

kids captain marvel costume

Iron Man

Iron Man is another superhero that made the genre so popular! His original movies and then leading of the Avengers squad took Hollywood by storm and as a result, he remains one of the coolest heroes around – even with all of the new characters. Kids love his advanced and instantly recognisable Iron Man Suit. It can fly, shoot energy beams, fold up into an eye-piece and talk to you. What else do you need? Sport his latest Avengers: Endgame look with this kid’s Iron Man costume.

kids iron man endgame costume



One of the most underrated superheroes has to be the bad girl turned good from Guardians of the Galaxy, Nebula. Sister to Gamora and daughter to Thanos, she's always plotting to kill her sister, when in fact, all she ever wanted was to have her sister by her side. She finally teams up with Gamora, where they join forces to tear their evil father down for good!

kids nebula marvel costume


The Incredible Hulk

Rawwwwwr! “Hulk not happy, Hulk smash things”. The Incredible Hulk is a superhero that needs no introduction. Made famous in the comic books, movies and TV series ever since, he’s also known and Bruce Banner the scientist. When he becomes enraged, he transforms into a giant green monster and only gets stronger as he gets angrier! Wear this kids Hulk costume to create his look in the Avengers: Endgame movie.

 kids incredible hulk avengers costume

Black Panther

After protecting the African Nation of Wakanda and taking his place as king, Black Panther joins the Avengers to help defeat Thanos. If your kids are a big superhero movie fans, they’re probably a fan of Black Panther and now they can re-create his ferocious appearance. Dress them up in a black ‘futuristic looking’ bodysuit complete with his panther mask. He’s swift, strong and super intelligent!

kids black panther costume


After being struck by lightning, The Flash awakens with the power of super speed, zapping through the streets in his custom-made red suit to investigate his parents’ death and using his powers for a good cause. Made famous through the comic books and 2014 TV series, The Flash is a traditional superhero through and through. Kit up your little boy in a Flash costume and have him zooming around the playground at super speed! Take a scroll through all of our DC Comic heroes here.

kids the flash costume



Just like his best friend Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, Hawkeye is an undercover spy. He has some of the most impressive bow and arrow skills you'll ever come across! He may not hold the most unique of powers compared to the other Avengers, but you can always rely on him to put the enemies in their rightful place! 

kids hawkeye endgame costume



Not all heroes are good and use their superpowers for saving the world, so finally we present to you, Thanos! Thanos is a powerful super-villain in the Marvel universe and the main bad guy in the Avengers movie series. He’s super strong, mean looking and will stop at nothing to unleash the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. If your kids have seen the Avengers movies, they’ll be no stranger to Thanos and will definitely want to become this mighty bad guy – he’s the strongest after all! This children’s Thanos costume has a realistic mask and bodysuit that looks exactly like the character. Rather than picking the good guys all the time, maybe your child will get even more joy from playing the villain?

kids thanos endgame costume

Has your boy or girl decided on a kid’s superhero costume? Find a full collection of children’s superhero fancy dress in our store area here. From babies to teenagers, you’re sure to find something you’re inspired by! Costumes can be used again and again and can be used for literally any occasion that calls for dressing up.

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