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Adult Christmas costume ideas guide

October 31, 2022

Adult Christmas costume ideas guide -

Hello and welcome to our ultimate adults Christmas costume ideas guide. Whether you’re dressing up for your kids or want to look your best at your work party, we’re here for you. Christmas is the time of year when everyone’s spirits are high, copious amounts of food and drink are consumed and many gifts are received and given. If there’s only one time of the year that you dress up, then it’s during the festive season!

We have traditional festive favourites, from Santa’s little helper the elf, Rudolph the red nose reindeer and the main man himself, Father Christmas. If you’re looking for a more comical factor and want to have your family and friends on the floor laughing, then add a bit of comedy value with our oversized bauble or pudding costumes. We’ve pulled together a list of the best adult Christmas costume ideas to get you party-ready. 😊


New York Elf Costume

We’re starting off our Christmas costume ideas guide with the one and only, New York Elf. From Lapland to the big city, Elf is such a classic film that we love to watch year after year. Santa wouldn’t be able to make Christmas as spectacular without the help of his number one elf, Buddy. Inspired by the movie, you’ll be looking like the best elf there ever was in this costume. You’ll be hard at work mind, so don’t think you’ll be getting any sleep on Christmas eve! This outfit will be instantly recognised by everyone!

adult New York Elf Costume


Christmas Bauble Costume

So, you have your Christmas tree sorted, and whilst it’s pretty amazing, it’ll need decorating to the max. You’ll want Santa to be really impressed by your tree when he comes down the chimney and leaves presents under the tree. Baubles need to be big; they need to be bright, and they need lots of glitter. Tinsel was sooo yesterday anyway! Ditch your Christmas dress for a Christmas bauble this year!

Adult Christmas bauble costume

Christmas Pudding Costume

When you’ve had your Christmas lunch, you’re going to be rather full after all that turkey and potatoes, but there’s always room for a spot of Christmas pudding. It is Christmas after all! Whether you choose to drizzle your cake in custard or cream, the choice is yours. Dress up in our Christmas Pudding Costume at your family Christmas lunch and you’ll get everyone into the festive spirit.

Adult Christmas pudding costume

Adult Penguin Costume

When we think of Christmas, the first animal that comes to mind are penguins. They love to slide into Christmas on their tummies, as they glide gracefully on the ice. Swap the glide for the waddle after all those mince pies this Christmas, as you step out of Antarctica to celebrate with your loved ones. This is a classic Christmas costume idea that can be used for any event.

Adult Penguin costume


Roast Turkey Costume

No Christmas dinner would be complete without a juicy roast turkey… even if they do take hours to cook in the oven! Smoother your turkey in the brown delight that is gravy and take a bite of that crispy outer skin. If the shops sell out of turkey this year, then there’s no other alternative than to dress up as a giant turkey! Kids will love it and you’ll be the centre of attention at the dinner table. Not sure they’ll be happy eating you though…

Roast turkey costume

Christmas Ale Costumes

You can’t have a proper celebration without a can, or better still, a bottle of beer in hand. They’re loved by all, and what’s even better is that the Christmas characters are a little bit tipsy after having a few too many. If you’re looking to sway away from the traditional Santa and snowmen costumes, then a bottle of beer is the way to go. Cheers!

Christmas ale costumes

Sexy Snowman Costume

What’s the first thing you want to do when it snows heavily? Build a snowman of course! You’re going to need a carrot, some chocolate buttons, or raisins and an old scarf. This year, the traditional snowman has most certainly changed as there’s a new sexy snowman in town. Who ever said snowmen can’t be a little naughty?

Sexy snow woman costume


Women’s Naughty Elf Costume

Santa wouldn’t know where to begin with wrapping all those Christmas gifts, if it wasn’t for his little elves. They’re so helpful and ensure that Christmas is nothing less than perfect. Of course, there’s always one naughty little elf who loves to misbehave and take a lot of breaks when they’re meant to be working! Show your mischievous side this Christmas as a Naughty Elf. Elf on the Shelf is so last year…

Naughty elf costume


Mr and Mrs Claus Costumes

It’s not just about Santa Claus, as his trusted partner and lover, Mrs Claus, supports him year after year. Mr and Mrs Claus make the perfect couple, and together, they’re unstoppable… Not to mention, they have the best job in the world. For all you power couples out there, why not dress up as Mr and Mrs Claus this festive season? It’s a Christmas costume idea that needs to introduction!

 Mr and Mrs Claus costumes

Festive Suits

Christmas doesn’t have to be all about colourful pyjamas and big and bulky Christmas jumpers. For those of you who like to dress to impress, or if you’re heading out to dinner, then it’s time to slip into something a bit smarter, that’ll have you looking like the Christmas version of James Bond. You’ll be bringing a lot of festive cheer and joy wearing our Festive Opposuits! Check out the selection.

Festive opposuits


Christmas Cracker Costume

Over a starter, or after your Christmas dinner, it’s tradition to pull a Christmas cracker with your family or friends. Some treats inside may consist of something useful like a pair of nail clippers, and some, slightly pointless, like a spinning wheel. Whatever you get, you’ll need to put on your paper crown and join in on the festivities. This oversized cracker costume is the way to go for any festive event where you want to stand out.

Red Christmas cracker costume


Deluxe Unisex Elf Costume

If you’re looking for a part-time job this Christmas and want to help Father Christmas deliver the goods, then there are a few elf roles on offer. You’ll need to be quick, thrive in fast-paced environments and love making pretty bows to go on top of the gifts! You can dress up in green and red and head down to Lapland this year, as Santa’s little helper. This adult Christmas costume idea is great for both girls and guys.

deluxe unisex elf costume

Reindeer Onesie Costume

Comfort is key during Christmas… You’ll be eating until you roll on the floor and end up sleeping the whole afternoon, before the fun begins all over again! You’re going to need comfortable attire to do so, and plenty of room for all those extra potatoes and mince pies. Go off duty for a while on Christmas day and ditch those carrots for something a bit more filling, as you turn up wearing our Reindeer Onesie.

adult red nose reindeer onesie costume

Festive Sequin Dresses

Who doesn’t like a good party at Christmas? For all you ladies out there, it can be quite tough to find a Christmas costume that fits like a glove and will still hug you in all the right places. Swap your frumpy big jumpers for a mini sequin Christmas dress. The question is, will you be an icy snowflake, a cheeky reindeer or Father Christmas? This is the go-to adult Christmas costume idea for nights out on the town.

womens festive sequin dresses

Three Wise Men Costumes

If you fancy swapping your mundane day time job for something a little more exciting, and a little more royal, then the Three Wise Men is where it’s at! Pop on your glad rags and your crown jewels as you give the gift of myrrh to Jesus Christ this festive season. Of course, you can’t do this alone, so you’ll need two of your best mates to help you out!

three wise men costumes

Super Reindeer Costume

Reindeers help Santa fly high up in the sky on Christmas Eve. It’s a pretty tough job and not many reindeers are quite cut out for the job, so it’s time to make a couple of changes, as there’s a new reindeer in town. He’s quick, powerful, and strong, and can help Santa get from house to house quicker than all the reindeers put together. People will start asking how you got that perfectly chiselled stomach though…it must be all those carrots!

super reindeer costume 

So, there you have it, our ultimate adult’s Christmas costume idea guide for 2022. We hope you gained a few costume ideas for inspiration and get can ready for the festive season in style. If you weren’t able to find a costume that you liked, then be sure to check out our full list of Christmas costumes in our store area here.