17 Epic Marvel Superhero Costume Ideas for Adults

September 04, 2020

17 Epic Marvel Superhero Costume Ideas for Adults - Fancydress.com

The Marvel universe of movies and comic stories is rapidly expanding and dressing in superhero fancy dress has never been so popular! Whether you’re a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, love the original Avengers or want to become someone unique from one of the latest movies, our extensive list of Marvel superhero costume ideas for men and women is sure to inspire you!


1. Thor Costume

What better way to start our list than the God of Thunder? Defender of his homeland of Asgard, Thor joined the Avengers to help deliver a godly beating to his brother Loki and prevent Thanos from capturing the infinity stones. He’s one of the most liked characters and Chris Hemsworth plays his character hilariously well in the movies. Traditionally, Thor wears valiant blue armour with a red cape, accompanied by his trusty Mjolnir hammer, which only the pure of heart can wield. Become him yourself with an authentic costume that shows his look in the Avengers: Endgame movie battle scene.



2. Captain Marvel Costume

For all the ladies out there, that want to become one of the most powerful super heroes that have been introduced so far in the Marvel universe of movies, this Captain Marvel costume will give you the godly appearance of this intergalactic space heroine. Captain Marvel was featured in many of the original Marvel comics and more recent standalone Hollywood movie where she’s living on Earth in 1995 and uncovers her true identity. She also plays a major part in saving the day in Avengers: Endgame. Wear her bold but alluring outfit for your next superhero fancy dress party!



3. Captain America Costume

Captain America is the people’s hero and the result of a military experiment to create a super-soldier during WW2. The captain was a pivotal fighting force to save the earth from disaster in the past century and then teamed up with the Avengers to fight threats from elsewhere in the universe. His iconic outfit bears the red, white and blue of the USA and his prime fighting weapon is a tough Vibranium-Steel composition shield that can defend him from the fiercest attacks. Captain America’s costumes evolve throughout the comics and movies and the look you go for is completely up to you!



4. Iron Man Costume

One of the smartest men on earth and the natural brains and technology behind the Marvel Avengers, Iron Man is a human that can create almost anything using his intellectual prowess and superior space technology. Played by Robert Downey Jr in the movies, Iron Man was one of the original Marvel films and he’s been featured in many of the standalone and all Avengers films. Don his shiny red and gold suit yourself for a superhero party and impress all of the guests. His costume is available in various styles, including the Endgame character look.



5. Spiderman Costume

Are your Spidey-senses tingling? Spiderman has long been a favourite superhero for adults and kids of all generations. Comics, TV shows, live-action movies, toys and video games all bring Spidey to life in a different light, stopping crime and rounding up villains whilst trying to live a teenage life at the same time. In recent Marvel-universe movies, he also joined the Avengers, teaming up with the squad to defeat Thanos. We’re eagerly anticipating the new Spiderman Marvel movies and this character will continue to be a hit for years to come! Fancy a quick and easy costume that looks great? A Spiderman Morphsuit is the way to go!



6. The Incredible Hulk Costume

Wandering who the most powerful superhero is? The Incredible Hulk is definitely up there. The angrier he becomes, the stronger he is and his strength is infinite. Teach fellow party guests not to mess with you by dressing as this incredible green giant. Go for a burly inflatable costume or his refined look from the Avengers: Endgame movie. Hulk is both fun to watch on-screen and to dress as in real life, and he’s long been a recognisable face for all, from movies and TV shows to toys and video games. No-one messes with Hulk! Grrr! Be sure to wear a Hulk mask or paint your skin green to perfect the look.



7. Wolverine Costume

A member of the X-Men and the Avengers in the comic book world, Wolverine is a ferocious character favourite that’s popular with all generations. He’s been made famous through the comic books, on-screen animated series of the X-Men and even his own standalone movie ‘Logan’, played by Hugh Jackman. Become Wolverine with a classic yellow costume from the comic book and TV show, or go for the modern look in the recent movies. All you need to accompany your outfit is a set of slashing Wolverine claws – his trademark weapons for battle. You may have trouble holding your drink at the party; but at least you’ll look cool!



8. Rocket Raccoon Costume

Who knew a cute raccoon character could be so devious and heroic? Rocket Raccoon is the quirky animal space pirate from the Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s super intelligent, a fine marksman with a weapon in his hands and a loyal friend to his crew-mates. Racing through the galaxy with his buddies to protect the universe from the power of a cosmic orb that they stumble upon, Rocket then joins up with the Avengers as an all-in-one super team to defeat Thanos. Rock Rocket Raccoon’s furry but finely dressed animal appearance with this costume.



9. Groot Costume

Is Groot your favourite Guardians of the Galaxy character? Sit back on the dance floor dressed as a trendy tree with this detailed Groot costume! A man of few words, Groot is a heroic team player for his squad and only Rocket Racoon can understand him as the duo formed a strong bond in the movies. Groot is an unusual but well-liked character to represent and everyone will recognise who you are! Dress your friends as fellow Guardians – Star Lord, Gamora and Rocket Racoon for a team fancy dress effort.



10. Star-Lord Costume

We love any movie that features Chris Pratt and his witty persona fits perfectly with the Guardians of the Galaxy captain; Star-Lord. He’s a defender of earth with his fleeting space team and joins up with the Avengers to defeat Thanos. Dressing up as Star Lord is simple with this all-in-one costume. All you need is some headphones and 80’s music blaring as you waltz through the fancy dress party looking a “Pratt”. Get it? Zip up your slick space suit, put on your breathing and thermal vision helmet and be prepare to sign some auto-graphs.



11. Gamora Costume

Gamora has a huge part to play in the Avengers movies. She’s the second of Thanos’ daughters and a vital member of the Guardians of the Galaxy squad! For ladies looking for a unique superhero costume idea for a party, Gamora is a quick and easy solution that’ll stand out! She also makes great group dress-up idea. Gather your friends and head out as the full Guardians of the Galaxy squad – with Star-Lord, Groot and Rocket Racoon. Whilst Gamora’s costume has a slick black-leather look, what really perfects the look is some green face paint. Colour your skin bright green and get ready to defend the Galaxy!



12. The Wasp Costume

The Wasp is a female superhero that has the ability to shrink down to the size of a small bug, where she can fit into small places and ease-drop on important conversations. Featured in numerous Marvel Comics and then in the 2015 ‘Antman and the Wasp movie’ and Avengers: Endgame, she uses her unique abilities to aid the team. This quirky ‘The Wasp’ costume perfectly represents her bug-like but futuristic outfit, complete with a set of wasp wings. Why not head to a superhero party with your partner dressed as Antman? It’s also a unique idea for a cosplay event!



13. Black Panther Costume

Black Panther is the mighty King of the African Nation of Wakanda and a successor to his deceased father. Featured in the Marvel Comics and more recent movie series, his duty is to protect his land and people from their enemies! He then teams up with the Avengers with his Wakanda army to help defeat Thanos. He wears a slick black bodysuit made from Vibranium, with retractable claws and a mask, making him super quick and agile for battle! Bear Black Panther’s ferocious appearance with this cool costume that depicts his look in the Avengers: Endgame movie.



14. Shuri Costume

Shuri is the noble Princess of Wakanda, fighting side-by-side with the Black Panther to protect their people. With an important role to play across the Black Panther and Avengers movies, Shuri is responsible for creating much of the advanced technology for the team and has an important role to play in bringing down Thanos. This Shuri costume is sleek, elegant and unique in design. It’s great as a standalone outfit for those that want to be something other than the usual superhero’s and a good choice if you’re dressing up as a couple. Arrive side-by-side with the mighty Black Panther!



15. The Punisher Costume

The Punisher is one of the darkest characters and stories in the Marvel Universe. Frank Castle is a New York vigilante that had his family killed, forcing him to take matters into his own hands and uncovering a criminal underworld. Notoriously ruthless and he won’t stop at anything until he defeats his enemies, The Punisher can be a cool character to play. Don his jet-black outfit with a terrifying skull face and instil fear into fellow party guests. Netflix’s The Punisher TV series has made the character world-famous and it’s a great choice if you fancy going off-piste with your superhero fancy dress choice.



16. Deadpool Costume

Deadpool is undeniably one of the funniest and quirkiest characters in the Marvel universe. As a genetically modified human being and the result of an experiment to save his life after being struck with a terminal disease, Deadpool embraced his new-found super powers in the form of kicking the butts of bad guys and cracking jokes at every opportunity! Practice your Deadpool persona and dress in this easy-to-wear all in one Deadpool costume. It’s a great superhero costume idea for rockin’ up to the party solo.



17. Thanos Costume with Infinity Gauntlet

Who says a superhero theme has to be limited to the good guys and girls? Thanos is more powerful than them all and now you can become the master of the Infinity Gauntlet. With a click of the finger you’ll transform yourself into a ruthless space alien. Thanos is the super-villain featured in the Avengers movie series and fellow party guests will have no doubts as to who you are. Dress up in this deluxe Thanos costume and accessorise with a powerful Infinity Gauntlet. You’ll blow the fancy dress competition out of the water!



Hopefully you’ve found a costume that inspires you to dress as your favourite superhero! Although we’ve featured some of our favourites, many of the above characters have costumes in different styles, with cheaper and more expensive options available, along with plenty of finishing accessories. From Stag-do’s to themed parties, Hen parties and nights out, dressing as a superhero will always be a good laugh and Marvel have plenty of options. Avengers, assemble!

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