Woochie Blasted Face SFX



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Douse the Woochie Blasted Face SFX in blood, add deeper tones of black and red to add some depth and you're done! Halloween? Sorted! Purchase this SFX transfer along with Liquid Latex, Fake Blood and either Water-Soluble Mastix or Spirit Gum & Spirit Gum Remover. 

Important Note: Mastix & Spirit gum are both adhesives.
Water Soluable Mastix can be removed through water - meaning your prosthetic can peel off through sweat or hand washing.
Spirit Gum is a stronger adhesive but can only be removed by using the Spirit Gum Remover - therefore we strongly advise to purchase both together.
Do NOT use if you have a latex allergy.

How to Apply: 
1. Stick 3D FX onto skin using adhesive (Mastix or Spirit Gum) - tapping on and off the skin a few times beforehand to make it tacky.
2. Once dry, use a cotton bud to apply liquid latex around edges of 3D FX - allow to dry fully.
3. Using a brush add some depth to the wound with red and black face paint inside the wound.
4. With the other end of a cotton bud, apply fake blood to the inside of the wound - create different effects by dripping the blood or using a stipple sponge.
5. Let dry and you're ready to go.