Punk Costumes and Accessories features a female with red wig, sunglasses, bracelets and tattoos

Punk Costumes & Accessories

Bring out your inner teenage angst with our Punk Costumes & Accessories. Throw it back to the 1970s and early 1980s and show off your rebellious side. This subculture were all about anarchy, music, revolution and fashion. Mimic the clothing worn by the punks such as safety pinned everything, band t-shirts, studded chokers, fishnets and big boots! Mosh out to The Clash and Sex Pistols and pull off that aggressive attitude! We have a large range of wigs, hairsprays and Tattoos to get you looking your best! Add a choker for that gothic look, some Fake Piercings and leather gloves to complete your outfit. And if you're fancying something more Halloween themed, our low cost Zombie Punk is a great costume. Want later in the decade? Shop 1980s Costumes.