Womens Zombie Halloween Dorothy Costume



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A horrifying twist on a classic character, our Womens Zombie Halloween Dorothy Costume is sure to stand out from the crowd. Who would win in a fight between zombie Dorothy and The Wicked Witch of the West we wonder? We think Dorothy's skin rotting bite has got a very good chance. Tear Oz apart this Halloween in search of the ruby red candies! No dropping any houses on anyone though...

The Womens Zombie Halloween Dorothy Costume comes complete with a short-sleeved blue and white checked dress, featuring blood stains all over the front and a ripped chest. Also included is a white apron that goes across the waist, featuring similar blood stains all over. It is Halloween after all!

If you want to escape from the madness this spook season, then be sure to tap your red ruby slippers and you’ll head straight back to safety in the real world…. or will you?

Includes: Checked Dress, Apron

Size Guide
Womens X-Small X-Small, Size 4-6, Bust 83-85cm, Waist 62-65cm, Hip 89-91cm
Womens Small Small, Size 8-10, Bust 88-90cm, Waist 67-70cm, Hip 94-97cm
Womens Medium Medium, Size 12-14, Bust 94-98cm, Waist 75-77cm, Hip 100-104cm
Womens Large Large, Size 16-18, Bust 102-107cm, Waist 81-86cm, Hip 108-113cm