Woochie Face Melt SFX



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Achieve the effect of melted skin like some sort or Robot or Zombie with the Woochie Face Melt SFX. Easy to apply at home with a few simple steps, this special effects transfer makes it easy for beginners and professionals!
Purchase this SFX transfer along with Liquid Latex, Fake Blood and either Water-Soluble Mastix or Spirit GumSpirit Gum Remover.

Important Note: Mastix & Spirit gum are both adhesives.
Water Soluable Mastix can be removed through water - meaning your prosthetic can peel off through sweat or hand washing.
Spirit Gum is a stronger adhesive but can only be removed by using the Spirit Gum Remover - therefore we strongly advise to purchase both together.
Do NOT use if you have a latex allergy.

How to Apply: 
1. Stick 3D FX onto skin using adhesive (Mastix or Spirit Gum) - tapping on and off the skin a few times beforehand to make it tacky.
2. Once dry, use a cotton bud to apply liquid latex around edges of 3D FX - allow to dry fully.
3. Using a brush add some depth to the wound with red and black face paint inside the wound.
4. With the other end of a cotton bud, apply fake blood to the inside of the wound - create different effects by dripping the blood or using a stipple sponge.
5. Let dry and you're ready to go.