Vampire Kiss Temporary Tattoos



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Want to appear as if you have had an altercation with a neck sucking, blood drawing vampire? Want to make an extra individual effort to be vial this Halloween? Get yourself the Vampire Kiss Temporary Tattoos and horrify the party goers with your puncture wounds and burns! Yeochy!

How to apply:

1. Skin must be free of makeup or oils
2. Carefully cut around the tattoo and pick a position on the skin.
3. Peel off the clear acetate sheet, and place the transfer face down onto your skin.
4. Using a warm damp sponge, pat the back of the transfer until saturated
5. After a minute or two, gently peel away the paper, leaving the transfer behind.
6. If the tattoo transfer has any edges left peeling away, use a wet fingertip to stick them down.

How to remove:

Fully saturate tattoo with baby oil or household rubbing alcohol and wipe with cotton pad to easily remove.

Includes: Tattoos

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Shaleema Burroughs
Fangs blood and tattoos

Came in good time, excellent quality teeth blood and tattoos! Changed my address via customer service they was quick. Thank you fancy