Ladies Pirate Jailbird Costume


£22.99 £27.99

Sail the seven seas and rock up to the party dressed as a feisty and formidable pirate, with our Ladies Pirate Jailbird Costume. No one will dare mess with you - or make you walk the plank, in this hearty pirate attire.

The Ladies Pirate Jailbird Costume is made up of an incredible classic pirate dress with a black and white striped skirt. It features red detailing down the front, a brown corset style top, a matching red bandana and brown wrist cuffs.

You’ll have everything you need to be ready to fight those swashbuckling pirates and will have a merry old time on the dancefloor. Oooarrrrgh!

Includes: Dress, Headpiece, Wrist cuffs

Excludes: Cutlass

Size Guide
Womens Small Small, Size 10-12 , Bust: 35"-36", Waist: 25"-26"
Womens Medium Medium, Size 12-14 ,Bust: 37"-38", Waist: 27"-28"
Womens Large Large, Size 14-16, Bust: 39"-40", Waist: 30"-31"
Womens X-Large X-Large, Size 16-18, Bust: 42"-43" Waist: 33"-34"
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