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What’s small, grey and loves a bit of cheese? Mice make great pets for kids and are featured in some of the best Disney films, such as Ratatouille, and of course, Cinderella. Instead of your child having a mouse as a pet, they can be the pet, feeling as snug as a mouse in our Kids Mouse Costume.

The Kids Mouse Costume is made up of an all-in-one jumpsuit, complete with an attached, hooded mouse head. The jumpsuit is oh so soft and they won’t want to take it off!

Just be sure to watch out for any mouse traps along the way! The children’s mouse costume is an excellent choice when dressing up for a school play, attending an animal themed party or simply playing dress up at home.

Includes: Jumpsuit

Size Guide
Kids Age 4-6 Small Age 4-6 Weight 35-45 lbs, Bust/Chest 58-64cm, Waist 54-57cm, Height 115-128cm
Kids Age 7-9 Medium Age 7-9 Weight 55-73 lbs, Bust/Chest 69-72cm, Waist 60-62cm, Height 130-143cm