Kids Inflatable Pteranodon Dinosaur Costume



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Get ready to take off and soar into a world of dinos with our incredible Kids Inflatable Pteranodon Dinosaur Costume. This intimidating costume will make your little one look like they’ve just walked off the set of Jurassic Park. Watch onlookers flee in horror as your child swoops down on them to crash the party.

The Kids Inflatable Pteranodon Dinosaur Costume includes a realistic inflatable Pteranodon costume with a large beak, red wings and incredible detailing. It will transform them into the frightening creature in an instant.

This is a brilliant costume for all those little dinosaur fans. It can be worn to animal themed parties, birthday celebration, or for those days where they want to go back in time and bring the Pteranodon back to life at home.

Excludes: Batteries