Womens Blood Pumping Artery Costume



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Looking for a Halloween costume for a low price? Something simple and easy, the Womens Blood Pumping Artery Costume shows off the anatomy of veins inside the body. Wear it plain or splash on some blood and wounds for an extra gory Halloween style. The same veiny style is reflected on the back of the dress too. As it's such a low price, you can really make it your own. Add a few slashes and tears, squirt as much blood as you like onto it and pair it up with skull face makeup!

Includes: Dress

Size Guide
Womens Small Small, Size 10-12 , Bust: 35"-36", Waist: 25"-26"
Womens Medium Medium, Size 12-14 ,Bust: 37"-38", Waist: 27"-28"
Womens Large Large, Size 14-16, Bust: 39"-40", Waist: 30"-31"
Womens X-Large X-Large, Size 16-18, Bust: 42"-43" Waist: 33"-34"