Baby I Love My Mummy Costume



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When it comes to Halloween, it's easy to get wrapped up in the theme and go for all out horror! If you're looking for something less terrifying and on the cuter side, then put those fearful worries aside and grab the fun but spooky Baby I Love My Mummy Costume. It’s cosy, unisex, comfortable, and adorably ghoulish!

Our Baby I Love My Mummy Costume comes complete with a one-piece that features a unique pattern, making it look as though your little one is wrapped up in tissue paper. It also features a red heart in the middle with the words, ‘I love my mummy.’ The outfit includes a detachable headpiece that features the same pattern as the jumpsuit.

All that’s left to do now is for your baby to practice those freakish expressions as they enter the Halloween party in style!

Includes: Jumpsuit & Headpiece

Size Guide
Babys Age 0-6 months X Small 0-6 months Height Up to 26", Weight Up to 16 lbs
Babys Age 6-12 months Small 6-12 months Height 26"-29.5", Weight 16-23 Ibs
Babys Age 12-18 months Medium 12-18 months Height 29.5"-32", Weight 23-27 lbs
Babys Age 18-24 months Large 18-24 months Height 33"-35", Weight 27-30 lbs