Adult Stag Gimp Costume



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Bring out the Gimp! If you're after a realistic gimp costume then you've come to the right place. This faux leather black bodysuit, complete with straps and chainmail pants, is perfect for creating that ultimate wet look and for humiliating stags across the country.

The gimp suit is made up of a jet black, all-in-one bodysuit that covers you from head to toe, leaving only eye holes to peer through. Popular in the world of adult dressing up but also for embarrassing your mates, a gimp suit is the ultimate outfit to bring in the laughs on a stag party.

Use your snazzy new gimp outfit for a night out on the town, a house party, stag, or any other occasion that calls for a raunchy costume!

Includes: Bodysuit

Size Guide
Mens Medium Medium Chest 97-102cm, Waist 81-86cm, Inside Leg 83cm
Mens Large Large Chest 107-112cm, Waist 91-97cm, Inside Leg 84cm