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"Off with their heads!"

Declare the beheading of anyone that gets in your way when dressed in the Adult Queen of Hearts Costume. Any request is reasonable when you’re the Red Queen! This ruler of Wonderland makes a great costume for teachers at World Book Day, or anyone attending an Alice in Wonderland or storybook themed fancy dress party.

The Adult Queen of Hearts Costume is made up of an incredible full length fairy-tale dress. It features a variety of patterns and colours, including white and black checks, red heart motifs and intricate gold detailing. The dress also displays a stand-up collar, a checkerboard bodice and puffed black and gold sleeves that are trimmed with white lace. Completing your royal attire is a matching black choker with a red jewel in the centre.

Get prepared to play the evil role the second you slip on this fabulous costume. Might as well dish out your orders and get in character; you are royalty after all!

Includes: Dress, Choker

Excludes: Wig

Size Guide
Womens Size 8-10 Small Size 8-10 Bust/Chest 88-90cm, Waist 68-70cm, Hips 94-97cm
Womens Size 12-14 Medium Size 12-14 Bust/Chest 95-98cm, Waist 74-78cm, Hips 100-104cm
Womens Size 16-18 Large Size 16-18 Bust/Chest 102-107cm, Waist 82-87cm, Hips 108-113cm
Womens Size 20-22 X-Large Size 20-22 Bust/Chest 112-117cm, Waist 91-97cm, Hips 119-124cm