A man in a Lederhosen costume on a German street celebrating Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Costumes

We can meet all of your Oktoberfest celebration needs with our range of Bavarian Lederhosen and traditional bar girl style Dirndls! Our German and Austrian fancy dress will have you looking authentic in no time! Cheers!.. Or should we say, Prost! If you're a group of lads that are staying at home or flying out to Berlin, Munich or Austria to join in with this 16 day festival, you better get your Lederhosen on. We have many styles, with the cheap Lederhosen Kit proving ever so popular year after year! Get your drinking games going, fill your tankards and enjoy yourself, it's a little bit of cultured fun! It's not a male only event, this is the 21st century! We have dresses for all your lovely maidens, wenches, tavern girls out there! With popular styles such as this Red Dress and the book character Heidi costume, you're never going to be caught short of a traditional costume. So spend this festival drinking the best beer around, chowing down sausages and munching on sauerkraut! Remember to select Next Day Delivery at the checkout if you're in a rush for time. If you're searching for something from far and wide, check out our Around the World fancy dress.