Spider String Decorations

Spider String House Decorations



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Want to have people jumping about in a hilarious way because they think something terrible touched their neck? Are you having a Halloween party and need decorations that do just that? Hang the Spider String Decorations in your house and turn out the light...listen to the screams as the spiders legs touch their victims....


Colour: Black, Purple, Green

Complete the Outfit

  • Giant 5ft Cardboard Coffin with a cross-bone design.

    Materials: Cardboard

    Colour: Black

    Included: Coffin

  • Want to have some variety when it comes to posing in the old photo booth? Want to add some craziness to that wedding and cause peels of monstrous laughter all round? Get yourselves and your guests the Spooky Photo Booth Kit, perfect for Halloween and other freaky gatherings- photos will never be the same again!

    Materials: Card

    Colour: Black, Yellow, White

    Included: Masks

  • Need some Halloween decorations that won't break the bank, can be stored away easily and are effective every year when you get them out to hang? Make no bones about it, the 4ft Skeleton Decoration is a bona fide way to scare the party goers humerusless!

    Materials: Cardboard

    Colour: White, Black

    Included: Skeleton Cutout