Special Edition Darth Vader

Special Edition Darth Vader Costume



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Who didn't grow up wanting to be the black caped dark lord Darth Vader? He may be a Sith fighting on the dark side for the Galactic Empire Star Wars but his costume has always been one of the best for any villain in any Sci Fi film! Not only does the Special Edition Darth Vader Costume from Lucasfilm Ltd & TM have the mask and helmet cast from the original Lucasfilm moulds but it has the sound module playing the realistic Darth Vader breathing sound! This is the real deal...


Materials: 100% Polester

Licence: Lucasfilm Ltd & TM

Colour: Black, Grey

Included: Jumpsuit, Cape, Gauntlets, Mask, Belt, Gloves

Not Included: Lightsaber

Complete the Outfit

  • So you've got your Darth Vader costume including cape which dramatically blows in the wind and intergalactically honed Lightsaber skills- but is something missing? You bet! No self respecting dark lord would step outside his front door without the ultimate accessory- the officially licensed Darth Vader Breathing Device! Costume complete!

    Materials: Plastic

    Licence: Lucasfilm Ltd & TM

    Colour: Black

    Included: Breathing Device

    Not Included: Batteries