Olympic Goddess Plus Size

Olympic Goddess Plus Size Costume



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Every lady deserves to dress like and be treated like a goddess for at least one night of their lives! So wear the beautiful and Greek style Olympic Goddess Plus Size Costume and be fed grapes and look over the party as you drape yourself over a chaise lounge!


Materials: 100% Polyester

Colour: White

Included: Dress, Medallion, Headband

Complete the Outfit

  • Golden Goddess Sandals Costume Accessory


    No one said going to a toga party or dressing as a Roman plebeian means that you need to look anything less that glamourous and gorgeous in gold! Put your best foot forwards in the Goddess Sandals and show everyone who they should be worshipping...

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Gold

  • Maybe you want to go to that fancy dress party as a glamourous Greek goddess or an Amazonian Princess? Maybe you want to be a Roman emperor or an Egyptian Queen? This beautiful and dramatic Spartan Queen Arm Cuff is gorgeous in gold and oh so versatile for whoever you choose to be...

    Materials: Metal

    Licence: Warner Brothers Entertainment

    Colour: Gold

    Included: Arm Cuff

    Not Included: Dress

  • Add the cherry on top for your tasteful tunic or terrific toga costume with this royal and golden looking Gold Laurel Leaf Headdress! Sure to shine over the competition this headband will highlight your royal appearance and demand you be treated like so...

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Gold

    Included: Headdress

    Not Included: Shirt

  • Perhaps you are a warrior princess, a Roman emperor or an Arabian princess...whatever fancy dress you choose, the accessory to take it to the next level is this bronze style Armband Bangle!

    Materials: Latex

    Colour: Gold

    Included: Armband