Cirque Sinister Depraved Concession Man

Cirque Sinister Depraved Concession Man Costume



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Are you a bit of a film buff? Do you like those old fashioned cinemas where you had concessions guys and gals and the red curtains? It's hard to find those things anymore but you can relive them in a horrortastic undead way with the Cirque Sinister Depraved Concession Man costume! Popcorn anyone?


Materials: Polyester & Latex

Colour: Green, White

Included: Shirt, Hat Hair, Mask, Tray, Toy Food

Not Included: Trousers & Shoes

Complete the Outfit

  • Need a little bit of killer influence on your Halloween outfit? Freak out parents, friends and the general public with this realistic looking blood. Raise the blood pressure with this useful bottle, pop it in your bag and be prepared to scare...

    This industry standard blood has been used in many Hollywood movies and TV shows. The colouring is vivid and has a pourable consistency - making it easy to drip where desired. It is 100% edible and does not stain skin or clothing. It can be removed using soapy water.

    Colour: Red

    Included: 15ml Bottle of Fake Blood