A woman wearing a white and gold guardian angel costume with a halo and wings

Angel Costumes, Halos & Fancy Dress Accessories

Our Angel Costumes, Halos & Fancy Dress Accessories will prove to everyone at the party that you're truly the personification of light and purity! Unless of course you're more of a Gothic Fallen Angel, who prefers the darker side of dress up... (especially perfect for Halloween!) If you're a lover of wings and elegance, but don't fancy dressing up as an angel this time around, head on over to our Fairy & Butterfly Wings category! 

So, whether you'll be a Beautiful Guardian Angel who transcends from heaven (and is perfect for Christmas nativity plays), or a mischievous little Gabriella at an angels and demons party, our range of ethereal and stunning Angel Costumes will have you floating around on cloud nine all night long...just don't forget your halo!