Anatomy Man Mask

Anatomy Man Mask



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Seriously creep people out with this Anatomy Man Mask, sure to get under the skin of even the most unflinching party goer! Don't be vein, wear this mask at Halloween and make the party a fleshy one!


Materials: Rubber Latex

Colour: Red

Included: Mask

Complete the Outfit

  • It's time to scare your friends as they step foot into the Halloween party! Either keep the realistic and bloody Severed Foot Decoration as a surprise to show people under your arm, or leave it as a severed limb decoration propped up in the corner it's sure to make people shoe from the scene!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Pink

    Included: Foot

  • Planning on dressing up as a psycho surgeon for Halloween? How about a chainsaw victim? Whatever the need, we can lend you a hand in looking authentically horrifying with the Severed Gore Hand! Get yourself some fake blood and prepare to make it a truly gruesome display!

    Materials: Rubber

    Colour: Pink

    Included: Hand