Baywatch Lifeguard Costume



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Relive the retro 90s classic that is Baywatch! Be prepared to run in slow motion, look through binoculars, swim in the party sea and generally be responsible and sexy with this Baywatch Lifeguard costume!


Materials: 100% Polyester

Licence: Freemantle Media Enterprises

Colour: Red

Included: Swimming Costume, Float, Jacket

Complete the Outfit

  • We all know no Baywatch lifeguard can be considered to be real without this Baywatch Inflatable Float! Save lives and live the nostalgic dream by running around the party in slow motion and causing waves of laughter wherever you go!

    Materials: Rubber

    Licence: FreemantleMedia Enterprises

    Colour: Red

    Included: Float

  • Our Seductress Blonde Wig is perfect for those Pamela Anderson, Baywatch wannabes! Run across the beaches and let the wind sweep through your hair... uh, wig!

    Materials: Synthetic Fibre

    Colour: Yellow