Horror Clown Skinsuit Mask



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This Halloween creep, spook and send shivers down spines of trick-or-treaters and party guests as you open the door to your house party in this scary Horror Clown Skinsuit Mask. Much like a Morphsuit, this mask has no holes for the eyes, is completely breathable and you can see out without anyone seeing in. Conceal your identity as you transform into one of the most sinister clowns in the circus, just like Pennywise with it's bright red hair!


Colour: Red, Blue

Complete the Outfit

  • Roll up, roll up, the circus is coming to town! What fun you will bring to the kids party, dressed in our jolly Bobbles The Clown Outfit. Alternatively, give yourself a scary make-over and you could be one Freaky Clown for Halloween. Clowns can be some people's worst nightmares... are you brave enough to try it?

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Red, Yellow

    Included: Jumpsuit, Hat

    Not Included: Wig, Gloves, Shoes

  • Need a little bit of killer influence on your Halloween costume? Freak out parents, friends and the general public with this realistic looking fake blood. Raise the blood pressure with this useful bottle, pop it in your bag and be prepared to scare...

    This industry standard blood has been used in many Hollywood movies and TV shows. The colouring is vivid and has a pourable consistency - making it easy to drip where desired. It is 100% edible and does not stain skin or clothing. It can be removed using soapy water. An excellent accessory for vampire fancy dress this Halloween, so drink up, you look thirsty!

    Colour: Red

    Included: 15ml Bottle of Fake Blood

  • Wield this at Halloween and we can assure you everyone will run a mile. Our Blood Filling Knife fills with blood as it's thrusted forward (meaning no mess!), so get realistic this Halloween and use this fake knife weapon to accessorise your horrifying and spooky outfit!

    Materials: 100% PVC

    Colour: Black, Red

    Included: Blade

  • Want to play with party goers emotions at Halloween this year? Want to entertain and lure them in, then terrify them with fear?! Be the horrifying Jester and make sure you'll be the only one left smiling with this essentially creepy Jester Skull Cane!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Black, Grey

    Included: Cane