Pretty Playing Card

Pretty Playing Card Costume



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Want a sexy and alluring outfit that won't have your cards stacked against you? Want to shuffle on the dance floor with a full house? This playful and game themed costume is perfect for a lady who wants to be seen to play!


Materials: Fabric: 100% Polyester & Neck Frill: 100% Nylon

Colour: Black, Red, White

Included: Dress, Neck Frill

Not Included: Top Hat, Stockings, Petticoat

Complete the Outfit

  • Are you going all out in gothic glamour or sexy chic? Do you need some more poof to that dress or volume to that skirt? The rather cute, flirty and practical Black Teardrop Petticoat is the answer to your petticoat prayers! Be the girl who got the perfect garment bounce at any party as you use and reuse this petticoat for many fancy dress efforts to come. A wardrobe essential!

    Materials: Nylon

    Colour: Black

    Included: Petticoat

    Not Included: Tights