Instant 1920s Gangster Set



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Add some instant razzle dazzle to your 1920s outfit by dropping yourself straight back to the era of gangsters, molls and speakeasies! This Instant 1920s Gangster Set will set you up to the roaring decade and keep you looking sleek, ship and sharp with the white braces, tie, hat, moustache and white spats.


Colour: Black, White

Included: Moustache, Spats, Hat, Braces, Tie

Complete the Outfit

  • Hollywood created their own 1920s gangster trope especially for the movies and our Gangster Violin Case Accessory is a perfect replica of their style. Although no real gangsters used such a case to hold their guns, a famous machine gun named the Chicago typewriter was in use and required a similar looking case to carry it around in which is likely where the idea came from. Replicate Hollywood style with this iconic accessory! Fill it with phoney money and arrive at the 1920s party in true mafia style!

    Colour: Black

  • All sugardaddy's and diva's must have! $50 notes galore in this pack, a whopping 50 of them. This phoney money has no real value.

    Colour: Green

    Included: Fake $50 Notes

  • Want to catch the rival gangster mob with a surprise ambush at that fancy dress party? Planning on hiding a weapon down your extra wide trousers and having a mean exchange of bullets? Make like Bugsy Malone and grab yourself the Inflatable Tommy Gun!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Black, Brown

    Included: Gun