Brown Leather Stitched Cowboy Hat



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Yeee Haaw! Howdy guys and gals! You can't be a riding around being a cowboy or cowgirl without your legendary western hat! Our Brown Leather Stitched Cowboy Hat is just the thing to get you looking like an authentic western gunslinging cowboy! So jump on your horse, start bucking and gallop away to the western fancy dress party.


Colour: Brown

Complete the Outfit

  • No self respecting fancy dress cowboy would go out into the party streets without their spurs on, shined to perfection! If you want to make your mark while giving a nod to tradition, get your hands on a pair of Cowboy Spurs because they are shootin' off fast!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Black

    Included: X2 Spurs

  • Incite the biggest water fight in the wild West with a set of pistols which will spray it not say it! Grab yourself the Water Pistol Set and know that if any fastest drawer competition needs to be had, the competition will be drenched in your victory! BOOM!

    Materials: Plastic & Metal

    Colour: Brown, Blue

    Included: X2 Water Pistols, Holster, Belt

  • Cowboys can be blonde haired, red haired or brown haired and they come in all shapes and sizes! If you're needing a particular piece of facial hair to finish off your Western look then grab your hairy Blonde Cowboy Moustache today and have the finest moustache in town!

    Colour: Yellow

    Included: Moustache