50s Spiv Moustache



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If you consider yourself more of a petty criminal than a full blown gangster, you need our 50's inspired Spiv Moustache. Spiv criminals increased during WW2, dealing mainly in buying and selling stolen goods or things that were hard to come by. Very few were ever elevated to serious gangster status, however these common criminals certainly got a name for themselves as tricky and difficult to deal with. Our 50s Spiv Moustache should be paired with a trilby, the traditional ducktail slicked hair and a pinstripe suit. Add a tatty old briefcase with some phoney money for true authenticity!


Materials: Synthetic Fibre

Colour: Black

Complete the Outfit

  • All sugardaddy's and diva's must have! $50 notes galore in this pack, a whopping 50 of them. This phoney money has no real value.

    Colour: Green

    Included: Fake $50 Notes

  • Need a dangerous accessory for your gangster look which will have everyone in the speakeasy shivering in their boots? Want to show the mobsters whose boss and look the part doing it? Get the Gangster Machine Gun it doesn't even need ammo! It goes Pop pop pop when you pull the trigger!

    Materials: Plastic

    Colour: Blue

    Included: Gun

  • Although they don't have smoke effect, they sure look the part. Our Fake Cigarettes Accessory are perfect for those gangster looks, without the health damage! Pack of two cigarettes.

    Colour: White, Brown