Biohazard Green Ooze



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With this Biohazard Green Ooze, you'll look like you've been splashed by the Slimer from Ghostbusters in seconds! It's also a great special effects makeup accessory for any Halloween zombie look! Squirt this onto your skin or clothes and look like you've crawled out of a vat of nuclear waste, why not add some special effects burns and blisters to get a real gory look?


Materials: Water based face and body make up

Colour: Green

Complete the Outfit

  • Make way for the ultimate 80s friendly ghost, Slimer! If he's not busy devouring all the pizza and food on the party buffet, then he's running at you for big slimy hugs, whilst yelling "Sliiimmmmeeerrrrrr!" You're everyone's best friend in this official licensed Ghostbuster outfit, apart from Venkman's that is, but we're sure you can win him over with your indomitable party spirit.

    This outfit is inflatable and is powered by a small battery operated fan (batteries not included)

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Green, Black

    Included: Inflatable Jumpsuit, Battery Operated Fan

  • Planning on teaming up with a mad scientist dressed friend for Halloween? Want to look like you caught a terrible, infectious and flesh eating virus straight from a disaster movie? Look no further because these Outbreak 3D FX Transfers are not only horrifyingly disgusting but they will be so real, people will definitely keep a wide berth!

    Created by Hollywood artists, these special FX transfers are the most realistic wound effects available on the market. They apply easily to the face or body with water and will stay firmly on your skin all day and night.

    How to apply:

    1. Skin must be free of makeup or oils
    2. Gently cut the packaging open, peel the transfer off the backing paper, flip it over sticky side down and press the transfer back onto the transfer paper.
    3. Cut around the FX transfer leaving around 1cm from the transfer edge.
    4. Peel the plastic off and place onto dry skin with the FX face down on your skin
    6. Push wet cloth onto the back of the FX until wet through
    7. Hold in place for 30 seconds, gently peel off the paper backing – and you're done!

    How to remove:

    Fully saturate tattoo with baby oil or household rubbing alcohol and wipe with cotton pad to easily remove.

    Colour: Red, Pink

  • Need a little bit of killer influence on your Halloween costume? Freak out parents, friends and the general public with this realistic looking fake blood. Raise the blood pressure with this useful bottle, pop it in your bag and be prepared to scare...

    This industry standard blood has been used in many Hollywood movies and TV shows. The colouring is vivid and has a pourable consistency - making it easy to drip where desired. It is 100% edible and does not stain skin or clothing. It can be removed using soapy water. An excellent accessory for vampire fancy dress this Halloween, so drink up, you look thirsty!

    Colour: Red

    Included: 15ml Bottle of Fake Blood

  • Got a creative side? Our Bruise Wheel will provide hours of fun for those applying and those wearing! Experiment with colours on the palette and create unsightly and horrific visions which will leave people wondering whether they are actually real or fake!

    Cream makeup bruise wheel from red round to black including all of the colours for all stages of a bruise. Perfect for zombies, Beetlejuice, or for a big old black eye! Mix and blend colours to create realistic bruises using this wheel.

    Colour: Brown, Red, Yellow

    Included: Makeup