Snazaroo Makeup Sponge



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Essential to any face painter whether you're a beginner or an expert, the Snazaroo Makeup Sponge will glide across the face with ease and comfort. Help your face paint along by dampening the sponge slightly to create a magnitude of looks. This sponge will do it all, whether it's Halloween, Comic Con or you've got a thousands of kids faces to paint at a charity or school event.


Colour: White

Included: One Sponge Applicator

Complete the Outfit

  • Got your outfit planned for that fancy dress party and want to go all the way with face makeup too? We highly recommend for more intricate detail such as blood red cuts or black eye sockets as a skeleton, these Fun Makeup Brushes 3 Pack are perfect for the finer detail!

    Materials: Plastic & Synthetic Bristle

    Colour: Gold

    Included: X3 Brushes

  • Welcome to the circus, this Halloween you can dress up as your favourite clowns. For one night only, exit the tent, bundle yourselves into a tiny car and turn up at the Halloween party to cause some screams. The Carnival Clown Greasepaints kit comes in a variety of 6 bold colours. This product is not suitable for children under 3 years old. Create your most colourful and creative (and terrifyingly scary) looks. Just add on a wig, a big red nose and get performing!

    Colour: Yellow, Red, Black

    Included: Grease Paints

  • If you really want to get creative and have a colourful time doing so, get your friends together and practice drawing on each other in preparation for that fancy dress party with the oh so bright, oh so individual Neon Face Paints!

    Colour: Pink, Yellow, Green

    Included: 6 x Body Crayon

  • Got a creative side? Our Bruise Wheel will provide hours of fun for those applying and those wearing! Experiment with colours on the palette and create unsightly and horrific visions which will leave people wondering whether they are actually real or fake!

    Cream makeup bruise wheel from red round to black including all of the colours for all stages of a bruise. Perfect for zombies, Beetlejuice, or for a big old black eye! Mix and blend colours to create realistic bruises using this wheel.

    Colour: Brown, Red, Yellow

    Included: Makeup