Roman Royalty Group Costume

Go back to the time when Emperors and Empresses ruled Rome with our Roman Royalty Group Costume. Now you can play the part of ruler at your very own historical era's fancy dress party. The Roman Empire era features draped clothing that was light in the hot summers and during battles, gold accents to flaunt their wealth and flowing goddess style dresses and togas. Let your friends feed you grapes as you sit in your throne before boogying on the dance floor in your new glad rags.

Size Guide
  • Going to a toga party and want to mix it up? Attending a fancy dress Roman themed event? We've got you covered in this royal looking flattering Roman Empress Costume! Not only will you look like a Princess but you will also look like a purple and white mythical Goddess sent from the skies...

    This costume is also available in Plus size.

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: White, Red

    Included: Dress, Arm Cuffs, Shoulder Medallions

    Not Included: Headpiece, Shoes

  • Ever wanted the chance to dress up as the a Greek God from the famous myths and films we have all read and seen? Perhaps you are going to a God and Goddess themed fancy dress party and need an elegant and authentic looking outfit? Please welcome the powerful and striking Olympic Goddess Costume!

    This costume is also available in Plus size.

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: White

    Included: Dress, Headband

  • In the stoic battle of fancy dress costumes the Roman Gladiator surely has the fight in him to be one of the best! Channel your inner Spartacus with this heroic outfit and prepare to duel for the title of best dressed! Perfect for Greek, Roman & Historical parties.


    - Beige tunic
    - Black and gold body armour
    - Studded headband
    - Burgundy red cape
    - Gold medallion
    - Detachable shoulder, wrist and shin guards

    Please note, the sword and shield are available to be purchased separately.

    Colour: Brown

    Included: Tunic, Body Armour, Attached Cape, Shoulder Guards, Wrist Guards, Shin Guards, Medallion, Headband

    Not Included: Shield, Sword, Sandals

  • Out of Stock

    For a classic fancy dress party theme we have the Mens Deluxe Classic Toga costume! Buy once, and reuse every time you need to rule the dance floor and command the party goers as you show all your best emperor moves at the party!


    Chest: Up To 44"

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: White

    Included: Robe, Belt, Cuffs

    Not Included: Wig & Shoes

  • This outfit is the only way to command the floor with regal attire and a golden crown! Get your Roman shoes on and travel back in time with the Roman Senator costume. Be prepared to rule the party!

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Blue, White

    Included: Headpiece, Robe, Drape, Belt

    Not Included: Shoes