Rollercoaster Group Costume

Go through the highs and the lows of the party with this Rollercoaster Group Costume. This hilariously unique design creates an awesome optical illusion of a rollercoaster cart. It looks even better with a group of friends, so raise your hands up into the air and run around the dance floor screaming with joy! Look like you're having all the fun of the fair in this one.

Size Guide
  • "Scream if you wanna go faster!"

    Our Adult Roller Coaster Group Costume is one of the most creative and fun outfits around! With little planning, you and your friends can become a multiple seat roller coaster and blast your way around the party with ease, turning heads as you go!

    We recommend having two lines of people stood side by side, waving your arms around at the same time and co-ordinating your screams! This brilliant illusion really does look as if you're riding on the same roller coaster. Perfect for stag nights, festivals or any party where you'll be with a group of friends.

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Black, Blue

    Included: Seat, Fake legs