Knights & Princesses Group Costume

Fan of a fairytale? Perhaps you've got a medieval banquet to attend or even World Book Day to impress your colleagues, you'll be sure to find that the Knights & Princesses Group Costume is the perfect attire for a historical gathering. Get scoffing those turkey legs and get ready to feast, because you'll be partying like it's the 15th century in no time!

Size Guide
  • Planning on literally being a knight in shining armour at that fancy dress party? Want to stride in with your head held high as you envisage the crowds as that of the Late Middle Ages? All that see the Valiant Knight Costume will stare in adoration at your gallant and noble attire, so what are you waiting for, protect the party from bad vibes!

    Materials: Polyester & Metallic

    Colour: Grey, Silver

    Included: Tunic, Boot Tops, Belt, Sleeves, Hood

    Not Included: Sword, Sheild, Shoes, Trousers

  • Want to win battles and hearts at that Medieval themed fancy dress party? That'll be no problem when you wear the gallant and eye catching Noble Knight Costume! Be the party combatant to beat and the knight in shining armour every time you wear it!

    Materials: Polyester & Metallic

    Colour: Red, Silver

    Included: Tunic, Belt, Covers

    Not Included: Sword & Shoes

  • Travelling by horse and carriage to a Medieval themed fancy dress party? Need a beautiful and era appropriate gown? We can thoroughly suggest the Elegant Empress Costume with its royal look and stunning craftsmanship, a perfect outfit to be seated at feast for...


    - A slimming empire waistline
    - Silky gold cape
    - Half crown circlet
    - Embellished rhinestone pin

    This costume is also available in Plus size.

    Colour: Blue, White, Gold

    Included: Dress, Crown, Rhinestone Pin

  • Are you attending a Medieval party or even a wedding? Are you going to a banquet or you just feel like wearing it at home? This outfit is so intricate and authentic looking it will be hard not to wear it to all social events, so get yourself the beautiful Lady in Waiting Costume and show everyone your Shakespearean moves on the dance floor!

    This costume is also available in Plus size.

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Green, Purple

    Included: Dress, Crown

    Not Included: Shoes