Greek Mythology Group Costume

Transform into the powers above with out selection of God and Goddess fancy dress in the Greek Mythology Group Costume. Whether you're ready to flex your muscles like Hercules, float around the dance floor in your beautiful draping gown in our Athena costume, or scare the partygoers with the evil snakes upon your head when dressed as Medusa - you're sure to look like mythological royalty in no time!

Size Guide
  • Live dangerously in the Womens Medusa Costume, turning all of your subjects to stone and looking stunning whilst doing it! Based on the legend of Medusa, this gorgeous fancy dress costume comes complete with serpent headdress, so you don't even have to mess up your hair. Perfect for Halloween parties or for getting revenge on people you don't like!

    Colour: Black, Gold

    Included: Dress with Adjustable Skirt, 2 Piece Snake Headpiece

    Not Included: Jewellery, Shoes

  • Planning on amazing the fancy dress party with your Greek strength and rippling muscles? Want to be the talk of party town with your gladiatorial combat and sword skills? It's got to be the the one and only son of Zeus- the Hercules Costume!

    This costume is also available in Plus size.

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Brown, Red

    Included: Tunic, Cape, Headband, Cuffs, Leg Guards

    Not Included: Sandals & Sword

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    For a classic fancy dress party theme we have the Mens Deluxe Classic Toga costume! Buy once, and reuse every time you need to rule the dance floor and command the party goers as you show all your best emperor moves at the party!


    Chest: Up To 44"

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: White

    Included: Robe, Belt, Cuffs

    Not Included: Wig & Shoes

  • If you're going to a toga party or a historical themed fancy dress party, why not choose to overrule the usual outfit choices and make history with your regal attire! Command the party and all of the attention in the beautiful and elegant Deluxe Roman Empress Dress and make like the party Romans do...

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: White, Black

    Included: Dress

    Not Included: Headband & Shoes

  • This outfit is the only way to command the floor with regal attire and a golden crown! Get your Roman shoes on and travel back in time with the Roman Senator costume. Be prepared to rule the party!

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Blue, White

    Included: Headpiece, Robe, Drape, Belt

    Not Included: Shoes

  • You're the Greek Goddess Athena, and your costume is flowing as you walk amongst party goers. This costume will catch the eye of the Gods with its gold bodice and white trailing skirt...

    Materials: Chiffon

    Colour: Gold

    Included: Dress, Gold Leaf Wreath

    Not Included: Jewellery, Shoes