Cowboys & Cowgirls Group Costume

Ride off into the sunset's of Texas in the Cowboys & Cowgirls Group Costume in true spaghetti western style. These outfits come complete with cowboy hats and chaps, all that's left to add is the bucking bronco, guns and bandanas. Add a little sex appeal in the Cowgirl dresses, show off your sharp aim in the fancy dress competition stand off and pull out your best moves before heading to the saloon (a.k.a bar!). Spend the night in this amazing wild west attire whether it's a summer BBQ or a weekend away at Butlins!

Size Guide
  • Want to get your leg over that cavorting rodeo bull? Fancy your chances at staying on the longest and looking the part whilst doing it? Aim high with the Rodeo Cowboy Costume, it's great looking, fast riding and it'll have you yeehaa-ing in no time!

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Blue, Brown

    Included: Shirt, Chaps, Hat

    Not Included: Gun

  • Head on down to the Wild West saloon bar dressed in this impressive cowboy outfit. Featuring a brown faux suede fringed waistcoat, matching cowboy hat, cow print chaps and red spotted neckerchief, you'll be all set for sipping moonshine, riding rodeo on the ranch and taking on that bucking bronco!

    Materials: 100% Polyester

    Colour: Brown, Red, White

    Included: Waistcoat, Chaps, Bandana, Hat

  • Make no mistake, she's a sharp shooter and she takes no prisoners! She's got the fastest draw in the wild west and she ain't afraid of showing you! If you want to look like a girl who looks good but could knock a cowboy off his horse in no time, get yourself the playful Wild West Brown Costume and start aiming...

    Materials: Polyester

    Colour: Brown

    Included: Dress & Necktie

    Not Included: Hat, Guns, Petticoat, Stockings, Boots

  • She can drink any man under the table in any saloon and she is the fastest drawer in the west! Don't incur the wrath of Dirty Desperado because she'll reel you in with her cute outfit and playful ways then spit you out with a cowboy boot to the behind! Yeeha!

    Colour: Black, Red

    Included: Dress, Waistcoat, Gloves, Belt, Neck Piece, Hat